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Claudia Is On The Sofa Premieres Her Candid “Not My Song” Music Video

Today marks the debut of the brand new single by Claudia Is On The Sofa. Join us for a first-listen to (or watch of the video) “Not My Song!”



With today marking the debut of her brand new single “Not My Song,” Claudia Is On The Sofa is ready to tell the whole story. You may have heard half of it, thanks to the recent release of “The Match,” her first single released earlier this year. Both songs in full elaborate on the “I’m not” concept which can be described as “what I am not and what I don’t want to be.”

This is a song for the unspoken, the things that are never said and acted upon, which compose who we are. “Not My Song” is for anyone who no longer wants to be told what they should be and what they should be doing. Claudia isn’t striving for some higher purpose with this song; she views it all as a simple fact.

Elaborating on the song’s meaning, Claudia tells us:

“This is the story of a woman who is not a good lady. It’s the story of someone who doesn’t want to change the world, but who clearly says they won’t play by anyone’s rules.”

The accompanying music video for “Not My Song” is some dazzling visual work conceived by director Cristian Filippini. With such a powerful song, Claudia knew she had to match that magic with the visuals, which led her to Filippini. Describing how he devised the clip, Filippini says:

“I immediately imagined this song as a dialogue in the mirror with the unconscious that simultaneously represents one’s inner self, but also every single person that Claudia could have been on a daily basis or that others would like her to be: a good wife, a mother, a caregiver.”

“Claudia in black and white, the unconscious and the ‘others,’ contrasts with Claudia in real and strong colours who becomes aware of what she does not want to be, with all due respect to those who will be disappointed.”

He continues:

“Everything revolves around a drawn/watercolour mirror that represents the confrontation with oneself and the outside world, in a game of reflections with black and white and grainy shots shot by the author with selfies in which she mirrors herself in the world.

“A video with magical and dreamy features to observe from the inside and outside, from the eye of a smartphone or a mirror, singing, ‘I let my nature be. It’s not that hard or crazy to watch me even if I’m not your mirror.’”

As previously mentioned, Claudia composes her songs for the unseen; people on the street, those forgotten or brushed aside by society. She sings songs about the beauty of nature and the stories that people have to tell. It’s a genuine approach and one that is carrying her a long way. Honesty is always the best policy, and it will carry Claudia a long way.

Artwork for the single “Not My Song” by Claudia is on the Sofa