City and Colour – acclaimed singer, songwriter and performer Dallas Green – has released a video for the emotionally powerful track “Meant To Be,” the first new music from City and Colour since the acclaimed 2019 album A Pill For Loneliness. Directed by Michael Maxxis, the cinematic video was shot in an abandoned airport terminal in Detroit and captures the song’s essence, written while Green was processing the painful, life-changing loss of his best friend and longtime producer Karl Bareham.

Maxxis describes things as follows:

“Dallas sent me the album, and when I started listening, I felt like he was there in the room with me. He performs with a vulnerability that I haven’t heard from him before, and the effect was a profound emotional experience similar to something you’d feel if someone was really opening up to you or experiencing intense emotions in person. Dallas’s walls are down on this album, and I wanted to capture that on film. For the ‘Meant to Be’ video I wanted to capture him unguarded and unvarnished, and I felt the best way to do that was with a beautifully shot and crafted performance video.

Green adds his two cents:

“Michael always has insightful things to say when he describes what he ‘sees’ when he listens to my music. I knew I had made an emotional record, but the way he described his initial, visceral reaction to hearing it was so moving…to know something so emotionally connected to me elicited that kind of emotional response in someone. It was immediately apparent he got what I was going for.”


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