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Alternative Singer-Songwriter Rodolphe Coster and BAND Pay Tribute in Poignant New Single “Gilles Memory”

Singer-songwriter Rodolphe Coster and BAND pay tribute in poignant new single “Gilles Memory”. Check out the emotional new single here.



Ten days ahead of the release of High with High People, their first album, Rodolphe Coster and BAND are releasing today a new single soberly titled “Gilles Memory.”

Recorded at the legendary studio G in Brooklyn, Rodolphe’s voice expresses a poetic and heartbreaking tribute full of pain, love and rage to Gilles L., a friend of Rodolphe who tragically died during the attacks in Brussels in 2016.

Speaking about the tragedy inspiring the song, Coster explains:

“Gilles L was a friend I met during my art studies in Brussels. We were both outsiders from the south of the country. Both of us had come to art late in life. He had first been a cook, I had first thought that I could become a philosopher. Gilles studied sound, I studied theatre, and we got to know each other thanks to our respective research on the possible encounters between dramaturgy and sound creation. After graduation, we almost lost sight of each other.

I later learned that he had met a Japanese woman and moved there to live with her. He was there working on the production of a documentary. It was a happy coincidence because in the meantime I had woven links with Japan myself touring there and collaborating with Japanese artists.

The last time I met him was in Brussels though. He was passing through Belgium to say hi to family and friends. On March 22, 2016 he took the metro and died suddenly in the attack at Maelbeek station with 15 other people. I wrote the song for his wife and daughter, and for the other victims. A souvenir song that I had to write about Gilles, about me and about our friendship.”

Rodolphe Coster and BAND release their new album, High with High People on November 25th, through Capitane Records.

Artwork for “High with High People” by Rudolphe Coster and BAND

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