While the winter may be starting to stare us down, Polaroid Summer is set to give you a sunny disposition with the debut of the duo’s brand new single, “A Little Bit Closer,” which has all of the luminous vibes you could need, particularly with our supply of bright light now in short supply. It’s a feel-good tune that emphasizes this pair’s knack for conjuring together smooth, electronic, well-produced jams, suitable for any and every occasion.

Drummer Brian Barrett and singer Micaiah Walker are the brains behind Polaroid Summer, which was previously a Houston-based quartet that included members of the local bands Lost Element and VerseCity. They put out five singles between 2017 and 2019, toured a lot across regional college campuses, and started to find a local audience. The internal makeup of the band began to change when the pandemic came along, but Barrett and Walker decided to carry forward.

Discussing the song and their internal evolution, Walker says:

“‘A Little Bit Closer’ is a vibe. Maybe my favourite song I’ve been a part of. Any fan of our old stuff will hear our sound has evolved in a great way, and this is credit to our producer Mike Hart. Hart helped us find our new sound. My voice is probably the only thing that truly holds together our sound before and our sound now. We’ve simplified things, and it has opened up a cool space our music needed for this new chapter.

“Before the pandemic hit we’d had a few writing sessions and some songs we were excited about, and I think we both knew we would finish them at some point, just didn’t think it would be several years later. We’d gotten an advance from a publishing deal right before the pandemic, and the money had just been sitting there. Late 2021, Brian and myself got together for drinks to catch up, and he mentioned he wanted to give me my share of the money from the advance, and I suggested we use it to finish some of the songs we’d written years before. He loved that idea and suggested we write some new tracks as well.

“We started with 15 to 20 songs and narrowed it down to five. It never felt like a struggle, it all came easily. Continuing as a duo has made scheduling much easier, but otherwise doesn’t feel much different. We have both enjoyed creating these songs and are excited about releasing them over the next six months, but past that, we don’t have any plans. Honestly, music is purely love and passion for us now. We’ll go where it takes us.”

It was this past Spring when Barrett and Walker decided to meet up in an effort to start writing and recording and making up for the lost time of the previous two years. When they reconnected, things felt somewhat different as a result of each of them becoming parents in the time away. However, despite these new challenges, they still saw hope for Polaroid Summer as a recording project.

“A Little Bit Closer’ is a vibe. Maybe my favourite song I’ve been a part of. Any fan of our old stuff will hear our sound has evolved in a great way.”

Thanks to several productive writing sessions, they developed six brand new songs, which they then finetuned with Los Angeles producer Mike Hart. Hart successfully helped bring the songs together, and as a result, a brand new EP will be on the way in the new year. After a particular set of challenges, it’s happy times for Polaroid Summer as they vibe their way into a new era.

Artwork for the single “A Little Bit Closer” by Polaroid Summer