Today global rock sensation Evol Walks releases her anthemic new single “Sleeping with a Ghost,” co-written & Produced by Brian Howes (Airbourne, Daughtry, Halestorm, Skillet, Nickelback).

The thunderous track taps into a harder, more aggressive sound as Australian vocalist Leah Martin-Brown confronts herself head-first with brutal truths and hard-hitting lyrics. As an advocate for AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention) and LIVIN (mental health education program), Martin-Brown’s lyrics contain an underlying message of tough love and growth with an empowering rock ‘n’ roll soundtrack.

“Sleeping with a Ghost was written as a letter to myself- the parts of me that I didn’t like or didn’t want. By creating this ‘other’ version of myself in this track, I could tell her exactly how I felt- I could tear her down so I could begin rebuilding myself anew.” – Leah Martin-Brown, Vocalist of Evol Walks