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Track-by-Track: Clearfight Discuss Their ‘Don’t Look at Me’ EP; Premiere “Ripcord” Music Video

Accompanying their premiere of the “Ripcord” music video, Clearfight guitarist Colt Coan offers a track-by-track look at their new EP, ‘Don’t Look at Me’ (Theoria Records).



For a young band, Clearfight has certainly made some steady progress over the course of 2022. They have been rewarded for their hard work with their recent signing to Theoria Records, who will help issue the group’s new EP, Don’t Look at Me, tomorrow, November 4th.

To coincide with the EP’s release, we are helping to debut the quintet’s brand new music video for the EP track “Ripcord.” A true pop-punk fiesta, the song focuses on life’s difficult decisions and when you know when it’s just time to bail on something and cut your losses. The “Ripcord” video is charming in its simplicity, a fairly DIY affair with the band members giving new meaning to the term “homemade.” There’s a comical side to the clip, too, emphasizing the lighthearted attitude they bring to their art and their craft.

Based in the Midwest, there’s a significant 2000s emo element to Clearfight’s sound, with some pretty revved-up guitars, intimate lyrics and emotional vocal melodies. Heartache, mental health, frustration, and finding the good within the bad; this is what’s in the thematic foundation of this group. It’s all very relatable too, which creates a close connection between the band and their audience. It wasn’t until this past March that they released their first set of singles with the three-track EP Comfort In Your Skin. It made Theoria take notice, and now Clearfight can focus on carving out their niche within the pop-punk community.

To go along with the premiere of the “Ripcord” clip, guitarist Colt Coan joins us today for a track-by-track look at each song on Don’t Look at Me.


1. “The Hate Parade”

Colt Coan: “‘The Hate Parade’ is an anthemic song about the feelings of being an introverted person in an extroverted world. During those times at a show or party where you just want to be inside your own personal world, and someone feels the need to crowd you and never leave you alone. This song is about the feelings during these times.”

2. “Ripcord”

“‘Ripcord’ is a cord you pull to open a parachute. Sometimes in life, we all have to decide whether to pull the ripcord and float away from people, situations, and circumstances. This song is about not making the bad decisions of the past and knowing when it’s time to pull your ripcord.”



“‘DROPOUT’ is about people you had high expectations for in your life, who only used your trust to stab you in the back. People can use your trust as a platform to only bring you down to their level, and this song is about the destructive behaviour that comes with these people in our lives.”

4. “Save it”

“‘Save It’ is about the liars and manipulators. Their words are cheap, and there’s nothing but fake love in everything they say. Sometimes you have to remove those people from your life, and it requires a song to do so.”

Artwork for the EP ‘Don’t Look at Me’ by Clearfight

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