Silverstein and The Amity Affliction co-headlined the Worcester Palladium to a pretty packed crowd. There were definitely times it was hard to get through the concertgoers when I wasn’t at the front, in the photo pit.

UnityTX started the night off and played a half-hour set. Some of their time was cut short, and they only played six out of eight songs due to a problem in the pit. Later on, I found out a person in the crowd had a seizure, and they needed to be dragged out of the crowd by security. Thankfully, Jay Webster, the band’s vocalist, caught the commotion in the crowd and stopped the show for the time it took to help the person get out. They played songs like “RUKUS,” “CROSS ME,” “Agony,” and “Hail Mary.” UnityTX didn’t stop moving during their entire set and kept the audience engaged. The pit was moving a lot during their time up there.

Up next was Holding Absence. They opened up with their song “Aching Longing” and “Curse Me With Your Kiss” and ended with “Wilt.” I saw them not long ago during the Dayseeker tour back in May. It was great to get to capture their set on the main stage this time! This band is full of energy and brings the fun on stage.

The Amity Affliction came on and performed for just about an hour! Amity opened with my favourite songs from their last album, Coffin. They played tracks from new to old, and they even played one of my older favourites, “Chasing Ghosts.” TAA played hit after hit, and the crowd was loving it; the pit didn’t stop for most of the night. They ended their night with the song “Soak Me in Bleach.” I haven’t been able to see Amity play since 2019, and I was up at barricade for that last show. It was a cool feeling to now be up front for a band I have loved for many years and to be taking their pictures and getting to write about them. Definitely a feeling I will cherish for a long time.

Silverstein ended the night, and they came on ready to perform their song “Infinite” and “It’s Over.” Their set was also about an hour, wherein they played many back-to-back hits as well. Of course, they had to play their song “Massachusetts” while being in Worcester, Massachusetts! Silverstein ended the night with “The Afterglow.” I also got to see Silverstein towards the beginning of the year. It was nice to get to see them again in a short amount of time!

It’s funny how things happen in life in a full circle. The first time I saw The Amity Affliction live was in 2014, and they played with Silverstein on that tour too. This was the last day of the US leg of the tour, and they also played in Canada for a couple of dates. If you got to go to any of the dates before, I hope you had a blast!


I got into photography in late 2017/ early 2018 even though cameras have always interest me. I've been working with mostly local bands in the New England area since mid 2018 and working on growing my craft since then. I love shooting live shows. The energy the bands give on stage can be such a powerful experience and I want to be able to capture that moment for a lifetime!