Nashville-based multi-instrumentalist, producer, and singer-songwriter Rutherford Royal, aka Andrew Christopher Rutherford Royal, releases his new single, “Back Burner.”

Royal explains, “The boy has been waiting for the girl to fall in love with him as he watches her burn through several brief, meaningless, and destructive relationships. Despite clear signs that he should move on, he is determined to die on this hill. Often it feels like the right thing to do is take the side of love and wait for the one you know you’ll never get over. This can be the single most destructive decision you ever make, but half measures will only lead to a life of ‘what-ifs.’”

Hailing from the barrier islands of South Carolina, Rutherford Royal writes Southern Gothic cameos, which he weaves into dark, indie Americana. After writing and curating the works, he records and mixes the music in his remote cabin studio, Silver Tongue, overlooking a hidden waterfall in southern Tennessee.

“Back Burner” rolls out on evocative, sleek guitars riding a mid-tempo rhythm driven by crunching percussion and a plump bassline. The feel and flow of the tune blend flavours of Americana and Southern Goth rock tangs into rippling leitmotifs as Royal’s voice imbues the lyrics with musing timbres.

Rutherford Royal

Dripping with stoic longing, “Back Burner” throbs with unrequited love and ghostly quixotic touches of sonic gesticulations.

Run Time: 5:14
Release Date: October 6, 2022
Record Label: Silver Tongue Sound