This damn world of ours… Sometimes things just don’t go our way, no matter how hard we try. But you gotta just take it as it comes, embrace it, and maintain a come-whatever-may attitude. These are some of the lessons that Jonathan Sparks is reinforcing with his new single and music video for “Marry Me To The World.” The song’s accompanying video clip captures the playfulness and the open-mindedness of Sparks’ sentiments, featuring him and a female companion just out for a cheerful, fun-loving stroll as they take in their surroundings in a truly celebratory manner.

Regarding the song, Sparks shares with us:

“The only constant we can depend on is change. ‘Marry Me To The World’ grasps at the strange joy I feel arising from the bottom of the barrel, when there’s nowhere to go but up. Looking up from the deep trench I dug for myself, everything looks beautiful, everything is perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Musically, the single has a modern bluesy soul sound to it. It’s very free-spirited sounding, and it has that sort of positive jazzy feeling to it, courtesy of some killer saxophone. Speaking of musical contributions, Sparks has teamed up with some very special talent lately, working with some stellar musicians and producers, including Ross Childers, former Collective Soul guitarist and producer, and Peter Barker, a former chief engineer at Sony Studios who has produced for Fall Out Boy, Jeff Beck, and Guns N Roses.

Once you learn a little bit more about Sparks, it’s not surprising what the source of the positivity is within his music. In addition to his musical career, he also earns his keep as a professional life coach, an encouraging presence in other people’s lives, who loves to help others. As an individual and musician, Sparks is a pleasant reminder to keep your head on straight, stay focused on what’s important, and hold on tight, even if things don’t seem to be going your way.

Artwork for the single “Marry Me To The World” by Jonathan Sparks