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Inclination – ‘Unaltered Perspective’ [Album Review]

A hardcore album packed with both positivity and frustration, read our thoughts on Inclination’s ‘Unaltered Perspective’ (Pure Noise Records) here.



Kentucky straight-edge hardcore band Inclination might only have been in existence since 2019, but taking into consideration the fact that they feature Isaac Hale from hardcore titans Knocked Loose amongst their ranks, it would be hard to class this quintet as newcomers to the party. Having said that, it only takes one slap in the face from their abrasive new album, Unaltered Perspective, for you to realize that Inclination offers the hardcore scene something very powerful.

Unapologetically outspoken, vocalist Tyler Short uses the band as a vehicle to spit out his explosive words. Both “Epidemic” and “Thoughts and Prayers” are perfect examples of this, where Short lines up pharmaceutical companies, politicians, the media, and for-profit insurance in his sights and unleashes a barrage of spiky vitriol in their direction. Driven by anger, fury, and a good dose of outright frustration, Short’s performance is staggeringly honest throughout this collection of songs.

As with his lyrics, the vocalist is equally as unapologetic about his straight-edge lifestyle, a subject he addresses in “A Decision.” “Straight edge has shaped my life, and I think there is value to everyone’s individual journeys,” explains the vocalist on his life choice and, as with everything that he puts his heart into, you can’t help but see Short as a man who lives by his every word. This honest, soul-baring is backed up by some Slayer-tinged pit-ready hardcore from guitarists Peter Katter and the aforementioned Hale, along with a slew of guests on the album, including Tom Sheehan (Indecision), Ryan Savitski (One Step Closer), and Russell Bussey (Magnitude).

Ask anyone what hardcore means to them, and they’ll all give a slightly different answer. So, whether it’s the rage of “Thoughts and Prayers” or the strength and determination of “Commitment to Self,” Unaltered Perspective is the kind of hardcore album that taps into that list of answers you’ll get. Essentially, you could roll things right back around to the title track to encapsulate this album, where Short states quite bluntly, “This is about outrage. This is about the pain of loss and the power of connection. This is about existing contrary to norms. This is about strength and self-determination. This is an Unaltered Perspective.”


Unaltered Perspective Track Listing:

1. Unaltered Perspective
2. Epidemic
3. Thoughts and Prayers
4. Predetermined
5. Bystander
6. Without A Word
7. Marooned
8. Connections
9. Segue
10. A Decision
11. Commitment To Self

Run Time: 30:02
Release Date: October 21, 2022
Record Label: Pure Noise Records


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