If you want some, then you’re going to get some today, with the debut of Gilda House’s brand new single “Give Me Some.” A little bit eerie, a little bit haunting, and certainly to some degree retro, the act has delivered their most notable single yet, a result of many months of hard work to pin down exactly what their sound was always meant to be.

A formidable duo made up of Meg Gildehaus and Tony Morales, “Give Me Some” is somewhat reminiscent of a ’90s electronic sound, with its deep-rooted bass, intimate vocals, and fervent, blazing synths.

Commenting on “Give Me Some,” Gildehaus states:

“There is a moment where contemplation must translate into action. This song magnifies that moment and it feels as empowering as it is terrifying. Let’s go.”

Gildehaus and her songwriting partner Sean Lynch have a real winning formula going here, with each bringing out the best in the other. With “Give Me Some,” Gildehaus planted the seeds of the song and then brought those ideas to the studio, where Lynch then got involved and found just the right groove to complement her ideas. Methodical in nature, this songwriting approach promotes both focus and freedom, where ideas can move in completely different but productive directions.

With Lynch’s assistance, Gildehaus and Morales spent much of the pandemic lockdown period solidifying their sound, maintaining the traditional synthy elements while pushing it forward towards a more focused, modern sound. For an act based in the mostly rural confines of Montana, it’s not exactly the simplest endeavour to gain exposure, but Gilda House has done a very effective job of breaking through, performing all across the state. They performed on the main stage of Missoula’s State Pride Festival and also had an opportunity to open for Milky Chance.

“Give Me Some” is a noteworthy sign of Gilda House’s growth and evolution and a true sign of the passion and art that this act so skillfully merges and blends together.

Artwork for the single “Give Me Some” by Gilda House