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A Wake In Providence – ‘Eternity’ [Album Review]

Pulling every trick out of the rulebook, ‘Eternity’ (Unique Leader Records) shows that A Wake In Providence are masters of their dark art. Read our review here.



It’s something of an unfortunate time for New York deathcore band A Wake In Providence (or, in fact, any other deathcore group) to be dropping a new album, given that most deathcore attention is being directed towards Lorna Shore. That being said, Eternity, the New York maulers’ new album, should warrant your attention. With the perfect blend of grooves, melody, and cinematic soundscapes rounding out the sound, there is plenty more on offer here for the discerning listener.

Now, given that new deathcore poster boy Will Ramos used to be a member of A Wake In Providence, there is going to be some similarity to LS, but as you let the dramatic swathes of symphonies wash over you, it’s obvious that AWIP isn’t here just to ride on the coattails of their former singer. An absolutely feral listen, Eternity is about as dramatic a piece of work as you could expect from the symphonic deathcore scene. The orchestral interludes weaved into tracks like “The Horror Ov The Old Gods” and “Siamo Legati Dal Terrore” take you into almost film soundtrack territory with the added bonus that they’re placed seamlessly into their slamming blackened blasts of deathcore.

As for vocalist Adam Mercer, there are similarities in delivery to that of their former frontman, but, again, that’s not to say Mercer is aping his predecessor. Coupled with the haunting backing vocals of D’Andre Tyre, also the man responsible for the dramatic soundscapes, Mercer’s brutal, unwavering performance will resonate as much with fans of bands like Strapping Young Lad and Cattle Decapitation as it will with listeners of any number of deathcore acts.

Pulling every trick out of the symphonic blackened deathcore rulebook, A Wake In Providence display throughout Eternity that they’re certainly masters of their dark art. The album wraps up with the gentle tones of “Weep into The Abyss, For it Hears You Not…” before the band scythe through album closer “Vicious Attenuation,” demonstrating that, while it may have taken an eternity from the group forming into 2010 to get to this point, the end result has been worth the wait.


Eternity Track Listing:

1. An Odyssey Through The River (Overture)
2. The Horror ov The Old Gods
3. We Are Eternity
4. Siamo Legati Dal Terrore
5. The Hunt ov The Wraith (First Movement)
6. The Book ov The Eldritch (Second Movement)
7. The Court ov The Trinity (Final Movement)
8. Weep into The Abyss, For it Hears You Not…
9. Vicious Attenuation

Run Time: 42:56
Release Date: October 21, 2022
Record Label: Unique Leader Records


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