SOMBRA debuts the music video for their latest single, “PREMEDITATED.” The trio is composed of Montreal-based producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Matthew Cataldo, co-composer and multi-instrumentalist Kyle Jeffery Andrews, and Argentinian-born bassist and backing vocalist Daiana Bolini (Zoocrates).

Cataldo comments on the single, stating:

“This song is all about my everyday attempt to avoid falling into the same mistakes and traps as those before me. It’s about wanting to find and establish yourself, and in doing so, feeling like you have agency, rather than just accepting your destiny.”

The song’s video is set in a vehicle aimlessly travelling down a winding road through a forest, creating an illusion of claustrophobia. Cataldo, who sings the song while shifting from seat to seat, occupying every space within the car, highlights the internal battle he documents throughout the lyrics. Regarding the video, Cataldo adds:

“The video is very much aligned with the whole notion of trying not to live life in the rear-view mirror, and the duality of what I’m trying to be and what I’m trying not to be. My lack of agency is represented when I’m in the car, while the scenes set outside constitute the more emotional, parts of the song, where I’m desperately trying to break away from the road I feel predestined to drive down.”

Artwork for the single “PREMEDITATED” by SOMBRA

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