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Munly J. Munly to Release New Book ‘Döder Made Me Do it’ on September 13th

Good news, friends! Munly J. Munly 32nd is pleased to announce that his brand new book of prose, ‘Döder Made Me Do It,’ will ship on September 13th!



Today is a special day, not just because it’s Saturday, but because we are pleased to help announce the formal release of Munly J. Munly 32nd’s brand new book of prose, Döder Made Me Do It, on September 13th. The author and musician has been hard at work on his latest offering for some time now, a book that will explore the constantly changing world of Lupercalia. A festival popular in Ancient Rome, Lupercalia was observed each year on February 15th, a violent, sexually-charged celebration meant to ward off infertility and evil spirits.

The book tells the story of Döder, a mythological antagonist who negatively influences children by whispering in their ears, encouraging them to commit horrendous, hideous acts. Döder is a self-centred character, intent on doing what’s best for himself. He has no qualms about his actions, and he is perfectly comfortable with bringing about as much carnage and devastation as possible.

Commenting on his brand new book, Munly offered us six (well, seven) artfully concepted thoughts on his latest work:

  1. “Döder Made Me Do It is completed; it is—what is these days considered—a shorter novel.”
  2. “The even shorter story is told with accompanying music on the new album, Munly & The Lupercalians: Kinnery Of Lupercalia, Undelivered Legion. *Mentioning the record.”
  3. “There will be two more albums representing the Legions of Lupercalia: Slim Cessna’s Auto Club: Kinnery Of Lupercalia, Buell Legion, and DBUK: Kinnery Of Lupercalia, Toombs Legion.”
  4. “These will accompany the already published Munly & The Lupercalians: Petr & The Wulf album, which was a prehistory of the Land.”
  5. “I am currently writing out the full-length story of Petr & The Wulf as well, so Döder is not so much in my head at the moment, and I probably am failing fantastically at the, requested sentences… my apologies are perpetual.”
  6. “This is the sixth sentence of the requested several; would this technically be too many?”
  7. “No, as you will find out, Döder would definitely want seven, whispers Döder, seven child, seven, no more or We will come find Yous…”

As he alluded to above, Munly is also set to release his new record Munly & The Lupercalians: Kinnery Of Lupercalia, Undelivered Legion on August 23rd. Over three decades, he has become one of the most cutting-edge artists within his home city of Denver and the American Midwest. Both extremely creative and productive, Munly, with his many bands like Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, DBUK, and Munly & the Lupercalians, has created a global cult following of adoring fans. His many works explore an apocalyptic environment that has been decimated to the ground. With Munly & The Lupercalians, he distinctively uses acoustic guitar sounds to create a gamut of doom while using actual characters of Lupercalia as his band.

Cover artwork for the book “Doder Made Me Do it” by Munly J Munly

Tour Dates:

10/01 – Waardamme, BE – Cowboy Up
10/02 – Antwerpen, BE – TRIX
10/04 – Valencia, ES – Loco Club
10/05 – Madrid, ES – Wurlitzer Ballroom
10/06 – A Coruna, ES – Garufa
10/07 – Santander, ES – Niagra
10/08 – Barcelona, ES – Le Textil
10/11 – Zurich, CH – El Lokal
10/12 – Schaffhausen, CH – TapTab
10/13 – Bologna, IT – Circolo Dev
10/14 – Ebensee, AT – Kino
10/15 – Skofja, SI – Pri rdeci ostringi
10/16 – Wien, AT – Chelsea
10/17 – Budapest, HU – Robot
10/18 – Zagreb, HR – Mocvara
10/19 – Belgrade, SI – KC Grad
10/20 – Brataslava, SK – FUGA
10/21 – Krakow, PL – Southern Discomfort
10/22 – Warsaw, PL – Klub Hydrozagadka
10/24 – Brno, CZ – Kabinet Múz
10/25 – Prague, CZ – Meetfactory
10/26 – Dresden, DE – Groovstation
10/27 – Berlin, DE – Badehaus
10/28 – Bielefeld, DE – Forum
10/29 – Paris, FR – The Backstage
10/30 – Haarlem, NL – Patronaat