Most songwriters write from emotion to a great extent, but some really feed off of their emotions to fuel their creative fire. That’s Lily Donat, in a nutshell, a young songwriter who has really discovered her niche as someone who can connect on a very personal level with her listeners. The Los Angeles native is pleased today to unveil “Build It,” her latest single, a commentary of sorts on modern femininity that feels passionate and sentimental but also commemorative of freedom and individuality.

Commenting on her new single, Donat shares with us the following short statement:

“‘Build It’ is a reclamation of the beautiful things that felt haunted by memories. It’s an uplifting, catchy celebration of femininity and a healthy redistribution of attachment and meaning.”

Young yet polished and experienced, Donat has been writing songs for years. She first started writing at 11 years of age; simultaneously, she was learning how to play acoustic guitar. The songwriting part of it came rather quickly, thanks in part to the restorative power she derived from sitting down and writing words to the music she was creating. That part of songwriting has remained one of her favourite aspects of it, using songs as a means to learn more about herself as an individual. Donat’s songs are like pages right out of her diary, the messy truth that we all deal with daily. Her inspiration stems from pain, growth, nostalgia, love, heartbreak, and everything in between.

“Build It” came to Donat when she sat on the back of a motorcycle, taking in the sights and surroundings around her. The song acknowledges adventure, wilderness, and being female in a predominantly male-dominated society. Originally meant to be more solemn, “Build It” became more of an upbeat affair, thanks to the production of collaborator Stefan Mac. Still finding herself as a musician, Donat is doing some very good things as a songwriter, as she optimistically looks to the future with lots to say and inspire.

Artwork for the single “Build It” by Lily Donat