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Jillian Lee Antinora’s Sophomore Album is an Encapsulation of Life and Love

Singer-songwriter Jillian Lee Antinora is characteristic of divulging matters of her heart in a relatable and candid way.



Singer-songwriter Jillian Lee Antinora is characteristic of divulging matters of her heart in a relatable and candid way. Her sophomore album, out August 9, is no different. Covering topics from friendship, motherhood and all the nooks and crannies of life in-between, Wash Over Me is an album presenting the realities of authentic connection and finding hope above all. “The songs on this album were written during the pandemic and share some of my struggles and lessons learned,” she explains.

Tracks like “Can’t Walk Away,” “Unfinished Song,” and “Moonlight” all serve to share the genuine struggles which we all face in relationships. In “Can’t Walk Away,” Antinora sings, “You’re not the only one who cries. Take comfort with the wise… Don’t ever compromise. I think it’s time for me to go.” In this way, her lyrics take on a comforting tone that listeners can easily connect with. “Unfinished Song,” a track about a relationship gone too long, uses vivid imagery to convey the fire of love dimming to a low flame. “Moonlight,” on the other hand, is a contemplative ballad on the internal struggles surrounding love over loneliness. While these songs all serve to bring insight into the topic of love, each is distinct in its own manner and tells a story with artful ease.

While Antinora typically stays within the realm of folk singer-songwriter, her newest record finds the artist pushing beyond her bounds. Incorporating evocative strings, soulful harmonica, and even occasionally leaning on rock sensibilities, Wash Over Me is cohesive while also being versatile. Other tracks on the album like “Lighthouse” lift up the beauty of friendship, while “You’re Worth It” is a song dedicated to her children and the realities of motherhood. Utilizing her everyday world to tell a bigger story, “Give Me A Sign,” Antinora explains, was actually inspired by her dying succulent but later morphed into a relationship song.

“Moving On,” on the other hand, finds Antinora digging deeper into the darkness which can prevail during hard times as she asks the question, “how much more can a soul take?” Always keen to end things on a hopeful note, “Wash Over Me” evokes warmth and positivity as she sings, “give me your tears, rest my mind and soul.” The track, which seems to encapsulate Antinora’s purpose as an artist, reminds listeners of the importance of “finding our place of peace and rest.” Finding beauty in everything, Wash Over Me is an album brimming with love.


Cover art for ‘Wash Over Me’ by Jillian Antinora

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