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Eddie Boy’s “Si Se Puede Amar” Details the Hardship of Achieving Self-Love Post-Hardship

Displaying the thin line between love and hate, Eddie Boy’s “Si Se Puede Amar” featuring Marina Mia is a candid reflection of life post-hardship.



Photo of Eddie Boy, Courtesy of Artist

Displaying the thin line between love and hate, Eddie Boy’s “Si Se Puede Amar” featuring Marina Mia is a candid reflection of life post-hardship. Out July 29, the track which translates to “it’s possible to love” was created after a time of emotional turmoil, the artist explains. “After a breakup, I just seemed to hate everything about myself and it took a minute to be able to love myself again,” he says.

Written alongside the talented Brazilian-Argentinian singer Marina Mia, the track begins with her in Spanish. “Se que te extrañas, lo puedo ver. Por el reflejo, puedo entender. Miles de dudas, miles de miedos, tantas preguntas. Cómo lo haremos?” she sings. Essentially, she is doubting and questioning herself. She asks the question, “how will we do this?” The “we” in question, as Eddie explains, serves as a double entendre. “I thought it was cool that the song could be directly representing a conversation with someone but also a conversation with oneself.”

In this way, “Si Se Puede Amar” translates across all relationships as it plays into both the complications of a crumbling relationship and the struggle of finding self-love. Throughout the track, the singers switch between English and Spanish, singing atop alt-pop production stylings. The production allows space for the lyrics to shine, as the protagonists at hand both sing, “Me supiste amar, y para olvidar, me supiste odiar.” The chorus translates to “you knew how to love me, and in order to forget, you knew how to hate me.”

Using the bridge to intertwine their voices in a compelling way, Eddie and Marina serve to represent the emotional aftermath of a relationship and/or hardship in life and the importance of working towards understanding and loving oneself. “The song represents the internal struggle and time it took to look at myself in the mirror and say ‘I love you,’” he explains. “Which, in turn, is the only way to really be able to love someone else, I believe.”

Cover art for “Si Se Puede Amar” by Eddie Boy

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