If you’ve gotten to know Betty Reed at all over the last few years, then you’ll already know; that she’s not here to screw you around. Like with our debut of her “Misunderstood” video from last summer, she has returned to give you another shot in the arm with the video for her newest single, “Without You.” The clip is an up close and personal, impassioned look at Reed singing her heart out, backed up by her very capable band.

While “Misunderstood” was a song about taking a stand when no one will listen or believe you, “Without You” is similarly about building up the courage to confront someone who is bringing you down but in more of a personal way. Everyone has their limit, and some take liberties with others they view as being weak or vulnerable. In Betty Reed’s view, enough is enough, and it’s time for a change.

To further fill us in on the song and video, Reed shares with us:

“If you’ve ever been in a toxic relationship and finally got the nerve to say everything that’s been bottled up for so long, this song is for you. It’s an in-your-face clap back telling that person that you don’t need their negativity and toxicity in your life and that your life is better off with them not in it. I like to think of it as an anthem about striking it out on your own and finding success on your own terms.”

Although she has been toiling away as a recording musician for several years now, the last 365 days have been Reed’s most productive as a musician and an artist. Last September, she released her debut six-song EP entitled Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned, which plays off of many of the same themes touched upon in this new single. She quickly followed that EP up with the release of the companion record Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned: Acoustic Version in May, which, as the title reveals, is a collection of acoustic versions of each album track.

Now with a new single in hand, Reed is ready to forge ahead, more confident in her skills and her musical capabilities than ever before!

Artwork for the single “Without You” by Betty Reed