In the past eighteen months or so, there has been something of a resurgence from the sewers of bands bringing back the old death metal sound. Joining groups like Undeath, Gatecreeper and Sanguisugabogg, all flying the grimy death metal flag, are Connecticut filth merchants Vomit Forth with their hellish new album, Seething Malevolence. (Be sure to also read our album review here.)

With more and more bands digging back into their roots and bringing the old-school sound puking and screaming into 2022, we spoke with Vomit Forth vocalist Kane Gelaznik who thinks it’s about time that people changed the way they viewed death metal.

Thanks for your time. How is life treating you today?

Kane Gelaznik: “Life is OK, a little crazy, but I can’t complain.”

Let’s talk about you wanting to change “the way people looked at death metal.” Can you expand on why you need to make that change?

I feel like people have sold the genre short. It’s not all, just like being a dumb caveman. We put a lot into Seething Malevolence, not just riff-wise but conceptually lyrically and overall sonically. There’s subtlety and an encompassing darkness that I hope people will pick up on.”

How do you think your excellent Seething Malevolence album will change that?

“Well, I hope that people will listen and hear all the little things we put in there. We wanted to make not just a death metal album but an album that made you feel uneasy and angry, and then, by design, hopefully understand why it made the listener feel that way.”

What are your thoughts on the modern death metal scene?

“I think it’s great. More inclusive and fun than it ever has been.”

You commented that you felt people were hopping on that didn’t necessarily like the genre. As a fan, I find it hard to imagine anyone listening to death/extreme metal to look cool. What prompted that view?

“Well, I understand where you’re coming from but in the extreme music scene, you’ll always have what I like to call ‘tourists.’ People who want this but don’t need it, and I personally see a lot of them right now, for better or worse. Ultimately though, I want to see more people here, and if it’s not for you, that’s ok, but I’m glad you came regardless.”

There are plenty of bands around who are taking the sound back to the roots. Do you feel more bands share your view now with bands like Vomit Forth, Undeath, Gatecreeper and so on as opposed to, say, three or four years ago during the deathcore explosion?

“It’s hard to say. It really just comes down to what your gateway band was. For some people, it’s Cryptopsy, and for some people, it’s Suicide Silence. Both awesome bands, but both spawned different music.”

Artwork for “Seething Malevolence” by Vomit Forth

Going back to what we talked about earlier, what was your path into death metal and is there a particular band that you think epitomizes what the genre should represent?

“So personally, it was two bands, Dismember and Cryptopsy. Lord Worm is who I owe everything to vocally. As far as what band epitomses what the genre should represent, it’s Internal Bleeding. No question they’re the realest.”

In terms of similar bands to Vomit Forth, what is your local scene like?

“There’s no bands really that sound like us in general, I’d say, but great bands from around here are Stabbed, Bowel Erosion, Oxalate, Gartlock, and Blood Tithe, to name a few.”

On the album you worked with Prurient for the intro, any plans to work together again in the future?

“O yeah. We love Prurient.”

Are there any other artists outside the death metal genre who you think you would like to collaborate with?

“Keep your eyes and ears open.”

Now the album is out, what are your plans to promote it?

“Tons of touring, more videos, and more touring. Then another tour.”

Just to finish up, if someone was looking to get into the death metal genre, what do you think they would get from listening to Vomit Forth and Seething Malevolence?

“I think they would get a borderline traumatizing experience that left them wanting more.”

Thanks for your time chatting with us. Over to you to wrap this up…

“Just wanna shout out Mike Gitter for putting me on to the good Soul Asylum records. Stay safe everyone.”


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