If you think of your life as a book, there are always going to be good chapters and bad chapters, with the hope that the good outweighs the bad. But, it’s what we take away from the Bad Chapters that is important, and that’s the point that (the) UnSlept are trying to get across with their brand new album.

The Toledo, Ohio-based trio is firing at you today ten brand new tracks with the unveiling of their debut record, an album inspired by many life experiences, highs and lows, wins and losses, and the lessons we learn. A lot of life experience inspired the thematic structure of the songs, but what’s distinctively (the) UnSlept about it is the musical precision and potency of which these three men are capable. Their sound is located somewhere amongst traditional rock n’ roll, soul, dirty folk, and southern rock, just in that right place where it balances the best of many worlds.

To tell us more about the record’s themes, the band states:

“The album Bad Chapters represents those learning moments of life which are unavoidable. It’s the moments that give you appreciation for the good things in life. We carefully composed this album to light the way and become a spirit guide to those going through those very bad chapters right now. We didn’t make this album just for the sake of creating music, it is crammed full of experience, heartache and lessons and we try our best to make sure that the emotion is the part of the song that you hear first and foremost.”

Led by Dan Cain and his impressive, gritty, and emotional lyricism, the group is rounded out by the thunderous bass of J. Dale Bailey, and Matt Austin’s punishing drum beats. Bad Chapters has been a labour of love for the band over the last year, as they have worked very hard at making the best impression possible with this debut full-length. It’s a highly relatable collection of songs, but they come from a place of knowledge and maturity, of people who have been there and done that.

It’s a grind to write good music and bring it to the people live and in person, but (the) UnSlept are up to the task, with both wisdom and knowledge serving as their guide.

Artwork for the album ‘Bad Chapters’ by (the) UnSlept