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The Effigy Premieres Their Burning New Single/Video “Cindersun”

Gothic, cinematic, and no doubt cutting edge, The Effigy will get you hooked on their brand new single, “Cindersun.”



Gothic, cinematic, and no doubt cutting edge, The Effigy is an artist that doesn’t have to do much to gain your attention. When you hear the voice, see the look, and indulge in the powerfulness of it all, it’s hard not to get hooked, as you’ll find out with this brand new lyric video for the new single, “Cindersun.”

The song is inspired by the Ancient Greek myth of Icarus and his journey flying too close to the sun. In this instance, the story is told from the perspective of two lovers at odds with one another. Icarus begins by failing to distance himself from the sun; then, by the bridge, the song changes to the perspective of the sun as she attempts to prevent Icarus from leaving, ultimately ending in his demise.

Explaining their motivation for “Cindersun” and its musical inspirations, The Effigy tells us:

“The tale of Icarus has always been one of my favourite myths. While the original story warns of hubris, I feel there is another interpretation. I think it is an incredibly human experience; pursuing something, or someone, who is destroying us inside and out, and so I used this tale as the inspiration for ‘Cindersun.’

“This single is the culmination of months upon months of hard work, and I couldn’t be more excited to finally share it with the world. I have long been an avid fan of the gothic alternative genre, and so I am thrilled with the direction my music is heading in. For ‘Cindersun,’ I wanted to keep the music somewhat fantastical to honour the myth, while grounding the emotion in the realities of heartbreak and the desperation that so often comes hand in hand with it. I hope ‘Cindersun’ brings you the catharsis it brought me to write it.”

“Cindersun” is The Effigy’s first new music since the release of their 2020 Villain EP, and it’s noticeably heavier. Hailing from Birmingham, England and now based in Perth, Australia, The Effigy takes great inspiration from many of the alternative bands they grew up with, like Garbage, Joy Division, Evanescence, and Keane.

As “Cindersun” implies, they are thematically very much devoted to gothic and folk imagery and mythology. Catchy hooks and extremely well-rounded soundscapes characterize their musical approach, along with soulful vocal melodies and irresistible chord progressions. With The Effigy, there’s so much imagination and multi-tiered musicality that you just don’t know what you’re going to get next, but you can expect it’ll be something special.

Artwork for the single “Cindersun” by The Effigy