Combining classic Americana with the best aspects of modern indie rock, Plastic Harpoons are no doubt a unique musical outfit. They sound like they’d fit in well at an early 1970s Americana festival, but they also feature a contemporary indie quality that would endear to today’s kids. You can hear it full-throttle on the band’s brand new single “Gettysburg,” which you’ll soon find on their debut album Modern World when it’s released via Lolipop Records in October.

“Gettysburg” is the first of a series of monthly singles that will be released in the lead-up to the record release, which they recorded in full at Savannah Studios in Los Angeles. This song is an accurate musical representation of where the band is today, capable and confident to mishmash styles in challenging ways that work for them.

Discussing “Gettysburg,” drummer Bij Firouzan says:

“‘Gettysburg’ is one of those songs that over time became something other than what it was meant to be. Originally a folk song, I wrote it as a birthday gift for two twin brothers who were some of my closest friends that I met in college. It was our first year out and I was missing my life and friends of the last four years. I was living at home in Pittsburgh, and that day, the rain was coming down hard through the cold air.

“Fast forward a few years and their mother, who was one of the kindest people I’ve ever met, unexpectedly passed away from a rare disease. In her memory, I dug the song back up and brought it to the band, who helped rework and update the musical arrangement and lyrics into what it is now. We wanted the energy to not be sad, but celebratory, that we are grateful for the memories of those no longer with us.

“Instrumentation wise, it feels like this is where we are heading as a band. We would call it indie rock, with Americana and pop influences.”

Plastic Harpoons started a few years ago when lead singer and songwriter Taylor Casey moved back to his native Santa Barbara after three years spent as a part of the New York City and Austin, Texas music scenes. When he met guitarist Daniel Vasquez, the ideas began to flow from there, and the band was solidified with bassist Sean Renken and drummer Bijan Firouzan joining in 2019.

What’s memorable about Plastic Harpoons is that they can play and sound very relevant as a modern vocal band, a style of popular music that is unfortunately no longer very prevalent. It’s music for the more traditional listener, which appreciates a more communal element to what they listen to, the sound of live collaboration and improvisation.

Genuine, authentic, and real, allow Plastic Harpoons to be the soundtrack to your life.

Artwork for the single “Gettysburg” by Plastic Harpoons