Fortunately enough for you, your “train of thought” has led you right here to experience for the first time “Webbed Feet,” the brand new single from Canada’s Mother Sun. The debut of the single is in celebration of the announcement of the band’s brand new studio album Train of Thought, which is currently being finalized for an October 28th release via Earth Libraries.

You think of originality and unconventionality when you think of Mother Sun, and that’s what you get on “Webbed Feet,” a melodic, distinctive psych-pop track which is another key instance of the band’s willingness to take a carefree approach to musical exploration. When they set out to record this set of songs, the Kamloops, British Columbia quartet decided it was time to expand on their sound and in association with that, finetune their sound in the studio by injecting it with more live energy.

Discussing the new single, lead singer and guitarist Jared Doherty states:

“‘Webbed Feet’ is all about the way our thoughts control us and we control them. Being anxious about mind control, noticing your surroundings, caring for your mental health, being mindful of others, and not letting your train of thought run away due to complacency.”

Mother Sun’s origins extend back to 2017 when the band formed, but each member had years of prior experience collaborating with other acts in a burgeoning indie scene in Kamloops. In fact, some of the tracks contained on Train of Thought were written in some way, shape, or form several years ago, while Doherty was taking his lunch hour while working at a sandwich place.

Other songs were more organic studio creations, with the band showing impressive versatility to be able to go to and from different sounds and styles. There are garage rock jams, yet also delicate string arrangements that you wouldn’t necessarily expect. Impressively, Train of Thought was recorded in only five rather gruelling days, which kept the energy and enthusiasm level high, which has translated to the finished product.

It’s really quite a dynamic release that comes from a dynamic band that is hard to classify or compare. The psychedelic arrangements throughout the record never get in the way of the many memorable hooks, creating a fine listening experience that sounds both fresh and authentic.

Train of Thought Track Listing:

1. Train of Thought
2. Webbed Feet
3. Mr. Help You
4. Orange Colossus
5. Tangerine Beach
6. (pedaling)
7. Cycling
8. For Sale
9. Blue Dream
10. Smoke City
11. (flipped upper lip)
12. Memory Banker

Artwork for the album ‘Train of Thought’ by Mother Sun