It’s unmistakable. There’s just something very enlightening and gratifying about the alternative rock band Glass Violet. Look no further than to their brand new music video for the new single “A View From The Vale,” a modern indie pop romp that can’t help but strike a chord with its uplifting, power-pop sensibilities.

The tone and flavour of the song may remind you of indie-poppers fun., or The Lumineers, acts that specialize in delivering crowd-pleasers, from start to finish. That’s also what you get with Glass Violet, a very competent, Bristol-based duo, capable of delivering those dramatic, glorious moments that you just don’t want to end.

Explaining how the song came about, producer and guitarist Alex John tells us:

“‘A View From The Vale’ began in 2020, mid-pandemic. (Lead singer and guitarist) Tom (Hurdiss) sent me a voice note of a song idea that contained bits of the ‘Hey Now’ section and bits of the first verse, I then extracted the things that I loved from this and started building a new song from scratch. This became my lockdown project and kept me busy for a good few weeks, trying to work out how to structure it, slowly building it section by section until it was done and thankfully, he liked it when I sent back the finished tune six weeks or so later.

“Once lockdown was over, we then worked on it together on multiple occasions, trying to work out how to make a six-minute song feel like a three-minute song, before then heading into a studio in June 2021 to replace the drums and guitars. I don’t think we’ll be making songs this long too often, as it’s a lot more time consuming but the whole process was definitely a fun experience.”

Hurdiss and John are the brains behind the operation that is Glass Violet, but they are backed up by the expertise of drummer Matt West, bassist Josh Walsh, and synth and keyboard specialist Declan Pollard when they go out on tour.

Still a growing act, they have received positive attention from places like BBC Introducing, SiriusXM Radio, Amazing Radio, BBC Radio Wales, and BBC Radio Bristol. “A View From The Vale” is the first of a wave of new music to come from the guys, as they reemerge after a quiet period, spent writing and honing their sound.

Artwork for the single “A View From The Vale” by Glass Violet