Maybe it was years ago, maybe it was a week ago, maybe it was an hour ago… No matter what length of time, at some point, someone close to you has told you to stop being such a “Crybaby.” Well, however long it’s been for you, it’s always a good reminder to quit your sulking.

Rockers Flight Attendant are here today with their new video to tell you to rise above it and stop being a “Crybaby.” The accompanying clip is a rather upbeat, rocking good time, with some moments of, let’s call it, outward “aggressiveness.” Frontwoman Karaylyne Winegarner has that perfect lead singer charisma, able to carry the weight on her back but not upstage her talented bandmates. We spend so much time fretting about what is or what should or could be… Is it really worth the trouble?

Describing her point of view in writing “Crybaby,” Winegarner says:

“I’m personally so over being sad and complaining about life. The constant, endless scrolling through the hell of social media and comparing my life to others… Fuck that. This song is about kicking and screaming my way out of depression until I feel like the badass that I know I am.”

Flight Attendant have become quite well established within the southern United States and their hometown of Nashville. Despite it being their hometown, interestingly enough, none of the four members are actually from Nashville. Still, only a music scene this vibrant could bring a quartet of like-minded people together from different walks of life. Their sound is defined by its diverseness, grunge energy with power-pop hooks, and synth textures.

The band has released a string of well-received, grooving singles, and they are now preparing to release their debut album soon, which will be accompanied by a European tour scheduled for the fall. One of the most exciting moments for Flight Attendant came this past March when they played as part of South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. Based on recent events and their upcoming album, you could say (get ready for the bad pun) that Flight Attendant are ready for liftoff…

Track Listing:

1. Man of Chaos 3:36
2. dogs 2:51
3. Cotton Candy 3:47
4. Fresh Gasoline 2:57
5. Teach Me How to Lie 3:24
6. Paradise 2:45
7. Honeysweet 2:57
8. Phosphorescent (Fine Line) 3:35
9. Crybaby 3:07
10. Comedy Show 3:07
11. I Like You 2:37
12. Golden Gun 2:58
13. In The Pines 3:47

Artwork for the single “Cry Baby” by Flight Attendant