In a song as captivating and powerful as the artist herself, country singer Analisa Carter evokes passion in her newest single, “Loved By You.” Detailing the experience of falling out of love, Carter sings with intensity about the need to be independent of her former lover. Looking for a way to break free, Carter sings, “I don’t wanna be loved by you. I don’t even wanna be touched by you. What in the hell am I to do when I don’t wanna be loved by you?”

Her strong vocals are supplemented with a dark, sensuous violin and characteristic country instrumentation. Each element works in symbiosis to sweep listeners up in the fiery rage of Carter’s emotions. Explaining that the track details the moment when “love for someone turns into hate,” she adds that even “the touch from them sends you into complete sickness and drives you insane.”

The peak of her animosity with the situation is felt keenly on the track as Carter channels all her feelings into the bridge. “You keep me down, you drown me out. You stole from me my heart, it’s over, now set me free,” she sings. “Your hateful spell, your prison cell. Your evil ways, I know one day you’re going to pay.” She explains that the feeling of dread she would experience with the other person manifested itself into a frenzy for a way to escape. There’s a point, she says, where “you can’t keep walking around a prison cell called life.” That feeling of desperation comes off in the track not as anxious desperation but an angry one.

Carter is proclaiming that things need to change and explains with a candid confrontation why she can’t tolerate the relationship any longer. “Loved By You” details complicated emotions, the kind where you’re “having to pretend that you still care for them and love them, but it’s a battle.” Despite the battle Carter faces on the track, “Loved By You” is a fierce and empowering song on ending a relationship when it no longer serves you.

Analisa Carter, a self-proclaimed military brat, has had an affinity for music since childhood and credits her younger years for providing a diverse experience that contributed to her love of music. Carter is a country singer, songwriter, and performer based in Griffin, Georgia. Known as the “Beautiful Renegade,” Carter is a rising star on the country music scene. Her first single, “When I Think About You,” launched her distinct sound, which combines country and rock music to create a unique hot country tone.

Cover art for “Loved By You” by Analisa Carter

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