Every new year brings a new set of musical stars ready to take on the charts with their creative energy and feeling that will hopefully make a mark on the industry. Future music award winners are seen daily, creating fresh tracks and re-shaping the music industry as we know it. Here are ten new artists taking the American music scene by the scruff of the neck and forging a new path for themselves.

1. Wet Leg

Formed in 2019, the British Indie girl band Wet Leg has taken the music scene by storm. Known for their lyrical style, which is described as satirical with a touch of tongue-in-cheek, Wet Leg has already released four singles along with their debut album. This build of success in such a short time is going to see the duo go from strength to strength. Who knows what the future holds for them.

2. PinkPantheress

December 2020 was the first time anyone had heard of PinkPantheress with her TikTok song tease of her original track “Just a Waste.” The following month in 2021, saw a second release for PinkPantheress using the same video-based social media app. Traction had been made from these releases with Parlaphone and Elektra Records both signing a deal with the artist. The pop-style music paired with the catchy beats and fun lyrics is seeing this female artist grow in popularity each and every day.

3. Audrey Nuna

Audrey Nuna started her musical journey at the tender age of 16. Discovered by Anwar Sawyer, a producer at Roc Nation, the Korean-American starlet released her first hit single in 2019, and she isn’t slowing down. Her single “Time” has received praise from the likes of Rose member BLACKPINK, and also has interviews with the likes of Vogue Korea. Her talent is blending genres together with the use of soul, hip-hop, and trap.

4. Priya Ragu

Tradition and conservative views saw a difficult start in Priya Ragu’s music career. Strict parents ensured that Priya worked straight after graduating high school, becoming an accountant for Swiss International Air Lines. The year 2017 came and gave Priya the chance to solely focus on her music career when she moved away from her family home and moved to New York. Living in NYC helped Ragu push and focus on her true passion projects and solely focus on her musical outlets. Her debut mixtape features mixes of R&B and electro-pop, all smothered in Sri Lankan heritage.

5. Grace Carter

The opportunity to support Dua Lipa saw Grace Carter springboard herself into popularity. The tour did really well, and Carter’s popularity grew quickly as a result. With her foot firmly on the gas, she released her first EP the year after this tour. The EP featured seven tracks with a heartfelt narrative surrounding her father’s absence during her younger years. You can expect much more from Grace Carter this year with her raw lyrics and soulful, R&B-influenced style.

6. Zoe Gotusso

Argentinian star Zoe Gotusso is taking the American music scene to new heights after breaking away into a solo career. Formerly from the pop duo Salvapantallas, Gotusso has released her debut album along with a few singles that have all received high praise. A very clever move was the documentary released alongside the album, giving fans the chance to see a behind-the-scenes look at how the record had been created, along with the production process. Last summer, Gotusso won the Best Pop Album award at the 23rd Annual Gardel Awards.

7. Tems ~

Tems is one of the newest musical exports of Nigeria’s ‘alte’ scene that has started to take the interest of the rest of the world. Her debut single “Mr. Rebel” led to lots of follow-on projects for the alternative R&B artist to work on over the coming years. Working hard has paid off as she collaborated with Khalid, Drake, Justin Bieber, and Brent Faiyaz.

8. Pip Millett

UK singer-songwriter Pip Millet was Manchester-born but grew up in London. Her music expresses her soulful take on the world through soothing rhythm and blues-inspired vocal melodies. In her youth, Millet discovered her love for music when she was gifted guitar lessons by her mother. The itch to play and perform had well and truly begun, and years later, Pip released her debut single, a track based on the topic of anxiety and dealing with it through everyday life. This track gave her the opportunity to perform on COLORS, which now boasts nearly 5 million views. 2022 is looking very bright for Pip Millet, and we are looking forward to seeing what is coming from her next.

9. Elaine

The new way of releasing music is helping a lot of clever upcoming artists. The debut self-released album Elements by South African artist Elaine has reached platinum status, something not common amongst debut albums. The album explores the world of heartbreak, love, and renewal, effortlessly blending strands of R&B melodies and trap-style beats. The 21-year-old became the first female artist to reach the top spot as an independent musician.

10. Sherelle

Raised on a recipe of soul and R&B by her mother and sister, DJ Sherelle has introduced her passion to the music she has been creating. One of her first concerts gave her a new avenue to explore with a Chase & Status show. Now Sherelle plays genres over 160 BPM, exploring the worlds of Jungle and footwork. This British DJ is representing a new generation who has a passion for the music her mother and sister still love.