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The Impliers Premiere an Electronic Rock Firecracker with Their “Stigma” Single

The Impliers, the dynamic duo of Dan Hartman and Charles Ingram, premiere the new single “Stigma,” an electronic-tinged, alternative rock opus with a little bit of a 1980s retro ambiance.



Jacks of all trades. That’s what The Impliers are in a nutshell. The dynamic duo of Dan Hartman and Charles Ingram can do it all and do it all well. Get a load of their new single “Stigma,” an electronic-tinged, alternative rock opus with a little bit of a 1980s retro ambiance. The track features tinges of modern hard rock like A Perfect Circle, along with the old-school synthpop of New Order. It will be featured on their upcoming full-length debut record, Cocoon, due out on August 19th.

Hartman and Ingram have an undying commitment to every aspect of their music, playing all of the instruments, writing, producing, managing, funding, publishing and releasing all of their music. That’s not to mention the writing, directing, and producing they do for their lively and original, retro-coloured music videos. This is a special duo, capable of harnessing the energy and artistic integrity of many different eras of rock music and funnelling them all into one cohesive whole.

Conceptualizing the sound of “Stigma” for us, Hartman says:

“A few interesting sounds here, one is there is a part featuring Charles’ very first guitar from when he was 12, it doesn’t stay in tune but that was something that pushed this song’s edge a little bit. And there are a lot of sounds of things getting smashed in this song. Those are definitely things being actually smashed. Part of the production of this song had to do with capturing a lot of those sounds. One thing we learned is that there are a lot of different types of sounds glass can make in different sizes and shapes and thicknesses. Oh and how you break the glass is pretty key too.”

Hartman and Ingram first began collaborating as teenagers in Greenville, North Carolina. They did not have much trouble breaking into the scene, one that is responsible for producing bands like Future Islands, Valiant Thorr, and Municipal Waste. By their late teens, they became very committed to improving their talents at handling all aspects of their musical production, a wise choice considering their impressive upcoming record. Propelled by their shared interests in art, mental health, and the unknown, it was quite apparent that they were very much on the same musical wavelength.

For a debut album, Cocoon is completely fearless, going places where many acts would not for a first go around. The album is honest, daring, and introspective, conceptually focused on their interest in mental illness, relationships, and mortality. Sonically, think Tame Impala, Radiohead, David Bowie, and Nine Inch Nails.

For two men who have been making music together since the age of 15, it’s quite apparent that this pair is perfectly in sync.

Artwork for the single “Stigma” by The Impliers