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Premiere: Queens & Kings Are in Fine Form on Their New Single “Testify”

To close out the week, Queens & Kings are debuting their brand new single release, “Testify,” a full throttle, grooving jam delivered with style and confidence.



Hold on to your hats, we’ve got a doozy on our hands today. To close out the week, Queens & Kings are debuting their brand new single release, “Testify,” a full throttle, grooving jam delivered with style and confidence.

With their fourth single release, the duo sounds primed and ready to rock out, displaying more feeling and flavour than most traditional rock quartets. That’s one of the defining characteristics of Queens & Kings, actually; one needs to only listen to “Testify” once to recognize that this twosome plays with more power and chemistry than most traditional rock acts. It speaks to the magic that occurs when singer and guitarist Brendan Albert and drummer and vocalist Alissa Klug get together in a room and let their creative juices flow.

With her thoughts on Queens & Kings’ latest single, Klug says:

“There is just no point in living your life to be someone else, or say the things that have already been said. We all have our own unique purpose in life and we should seek to find our own voices that are unique to ourselves. If time and mortality gifts us anything, it is the impending urgency to seek that purpose and go after it with our entire being. Forget about the social constructs that aim to restrain us from reaching our goals. Life is NOT short. We make it that way when we fall prey to arbitrary time limits. Go after your dreams and what you believe in until the day you die. This is what gives our lives meaning and purpose.

“What else are we here for, really? We just need to find our true passion in life and go after it with all we’ve got. We can’t control the world around us. We can just play our hands, roll the dice, and find ways to continue to work with whatever life hands us.”

Klug and Albert formally started playing as Queens & Kings in 2017, but at that point, they had already known each other for over ten years. Both longtime cogs of the music industry, the two spent many years working on solo projects as well as other bands but decided to collaborate in an attempt to, in a sense, take back control over their own musical creativity.

The band was always intended to be entirely for themselves, designed around their vision, and determined to never bend or compromise to what they think others would like them to sound like. With a special appearance at the North by Northeast Festival this week in Toronto, they’ve got plans for shows through the summer and a full-length album of rock n’ roll power on the way soon.

Tour Dates:

Saturday June 25 – The Black Swan Tavern, Toronto
Sunday, June 26 – Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market, One Fire Movement Stage (in front of the big mural on Augusta) around 2 p.m., Toronto
Saturday, July 9 – Atria, Oshawa
Saturday, July 16 – Hard Luck Bar, Toronto
Saturday, Aug 6 – Voodoo Rock Fest.Odessa
Friday, Sept. 9 – The Atria, Oshawa
Sunday, Sept 18 – Gussapolooza, Cookstown

Artwork for the single “Testify” by Queens & Kings