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Atlanta Rockers Pistols At Dawn Premiere Their “The Truth” Music Video

Promising to re-energize rock, Atlanta quintet Pistols At Dawn start with their dynamic new single “The Truth”. Check it out here.



Standing at a crossroads between 21st-century attitude and old-school arena-size ambition, Atlanta rock quintet Pistols At Dawn is here to re-energize the genre with their new eight-track album, Ascension. Unleashing their new EP, Nocturnal Youth, in 2021, the single releases amassed nearly two million streams and saw the band return to the studio to work with Grammy Award-winning producer Sylvia Massey (Tool, System of A Down and Johnny Cash). To prepare fans for the release of Ascension, the band today premieres the video to their new single, “The Truth.”

Commenting on their 2021 EP, Nocturnal Youth, the band notes:

“On Nocturnal Youth, we were going through a dark time in the Global Pandemic. Even though it’s still going on, we’re coming into the light and embracing life. There’s still dark subject matter on this record, but it was positive to write. It melded together the way we’d always hoped.”

As for the band’s sound, they comment:

“All of our influences come out in the music, but with our own stamp. There’s definitely a hard rock vibe combined with progressive lyrics. When you add these elements together, it beautifully combusts in Pistols At Dawn.”

But, what is “The Truth”? We asked the band to explain:

“‘The Truth’ is about the constant noise we have in our head pushing and pulling our emotions so much that we sometimes lose total control and explode. We have to be careful to maintain our thoughts and emotions, or ‘The Truth’ is that they could tear us apart.”

Following the release of the dynamic new track, the journey for the Atlanta band is heading in one direction, with the band promising their ever-growing fanbase that it will be worth joining them. They comment:

“We want to take you on a ride. We just love playing music. One moment, we hope you’re inspired to take on the world. In the next, we hope you scream along. In another, you just chill. It’s meant to be fun and exciting overall. At the end, we hope you want to take the ride again and again.”

Pistols At Dawn release Ascension on August 19th, 2022, and you can pre-order your copy here.

Artwork for “The Truth” by Pistols At Dawn

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