Folk singer-songwriter Allison Jordan brings an ethereal and nostalgic romance to her newest single, “Perfect Moment,” out now. The song was crafted by pulling from personal experience and a love that she has witnessed firsthand. The track serves as a tender recounting from a couple who have persevered in love throughout the years. In this track, Jordan shows that she is intentional about creating imagery for listeners. She sings about specifics: “stonewall, green hill, the sun is getting low.” In this way, she creates an atmosphere of reminiscence, as if listeners are strolling down memory lane alongside the couple. “‘Perfect Moment’ was inspired by the idea that sometimes young love grows into a deep love that lasts a lifetime…I love the richness and depth [that comes from] drawing on your own experiences and stories,” she explains.

The song “tells the story of a young couple who met when they were freshmen in high school and how through the twists and turns of adolescence and college, they remained together, got married, had a family and are still madly in love 50 years later.” The style of the track also seems to fall in unison with the topic at hand. Stacking evocative piano elements with a glittering folksy sound, “Perfect Moments” is like a hazy vignette of nostalgic romance. “I knew from the first time I saw your face, this love would last a lifetime. Long years went by in an instant, you remain my perfect moment,” she sings in the chorus. Like a poem delivered as a ballad, Jordan produces the ultimate romance. “Perfect Moment” is the fourth single off of her upcoming album, Farmhouse, set to release later this year.

Idaho-born Allison Jordan has been preparing her whole life to embark on this songwriting journey. “I have been singing since I could talk and always loved singing and performing, but I had always thought I couldn’t write music on my own,” she explains. Picking up guitar in college and eventually creating her own chord progressions, it was only a matter of time until she turned to songwriting. A difficult childbirth and a battle with thyroid cancer led to some serious soul-searching, which convinced Jordan to finally take a chance on herself. “It was a difficult and uncertain time, and songwriting really grounded me and gave me a way to express difficult moments and emotions in a beautiful way,” she says. Finding evocative and approachable ways to share the inner workings of her soul, Jordan finds deep comfort in her songwriting, and so do her listeners.

Citing influences like The Lumineers, Lizzy McAlpine and Ingrid Michaelson, it’s no wonder that Jordan’s sound is on par with that same raw and relatable tone. Existing between folk lyrically and indie-pop instrumentally, Jordan doesn’t concern herself too much with being boxed into labels and instead focuses on the task of storytelling. Despite residing in Hawaii now, her mountainous Idaho roots have stuck with her and have carried on in her songwriting. “My home town was very small and rural, with all of the pros and cons that those types of communities inherently have. My dad’s family has lived there for generations, and I draw on that history for a lot of my songwriting,” she says. With that as her influence, her music takes on a special kind of tender warmth and gentle passion that has been described as “magical, chill, moving and coffee shop all in one.”

With three singles under her belt this year, including “Somewhere,” ”Where the Broken Things Go,” and “For You,” there are big things ahead for the rising songstress. Having already recorded nine of the 12 songs for her debut album, Jordan is determined to hone her skills as an artist and hopes, above all, that her work will connect deeply with her listeners.

Cover art for "Perfect Moment" by Allison Jordan
Cover art for “Perfect Moment” by Allison Jordan