As we forge ahead in life, it’s important to remember to maintain balance. It’s very that message that is at the heart and the soul of Champagne Sunday’s brand new record Balance. The album is the follow-up to last year’s Scour EP, which the duo is still out pushing hard, like with today’s premiere of the music video for the album track “Pocket.”

Although they came out at different times and are two separate sets of songs, Scour and Balance were originally intended to be one album. Jessi and Jared Fredeen decided to split the songs up as their time in the studio became more experimental and unpredictable. Some of the songs were very traditional Champagne Sunday sounding tracks, while others were veering off into unchartered waters. Their studio time became more unpredictable as a result of the greater amount of time they were spending there as a result of the various pandemic-related lockdowns.

Describing the song and the concept behind the video, the Fredeens tells us:

“Longing and disconnect is at the core of the song ‘Pocket.’ Sometimes, the desire of wanting someone to love you is so overpowering, you are not seeing what the reality of the situation actually is. That concept of disconnect is what director, Tony Fulgham, locked onto when creating the video for ‘Pocket.’ The concept that we can be ‘living’ in each other’s space, and not even acknowledging it.”

The Scour EP, released a year ago last week, is reflective of the time and setting in which it was written. The Fredeens had a studio, their gear, each other, and that was about it, which resulted in more adventurous songs. Balance is warmer and more transparent, a record about getting lost and finding your way back, appreciating the good, the bad, the hard, and the sad, and learning from it. The Fredeens themselves have put high importance on finding balance through their own lives, through 17 years of ups and downs, learning as they go and appreciating every step of the way. Much like the current state of the world around us, there is a cautious optimism laced throughout Balance, coming at a perfect time as we re-emerge as better, more mature versions of ourselves.

Artwork for the album ‘Balance’ by Champagne Sunday