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Indie Duo Zakoor Premiere Their Aspirational Album ‘Life Cycle’

Indie-rock duo Zakoor, who put all their thoughts and perspectives towards something positive and productive, premiere their new full-length album ‘Life Cycle.’



The last couple of years has been an interesting time, to say the least. A time of significant change and uncertainty, it has instilled a “big picture” point of view in many and rearranged goals and priorities. That’s certainly been the case with indie rockers Zakoor, who put all their thoughts and perspectives towards something positive and productive, with the result being their brand new full-length album Life Cycle, which you can hear here for the first time.

The record is the apex of the musical maturity that has taken place with the twosome while they were caught isolated by conditions beyond their (and everyone else’s) control. The songs go a little further than their 2020 EPs, with each track pondering heavy subject matter, such as life, love, trust, joy, despair, dignity, and vitality. Teaming up with producer Paul Kolderie, a legend for his work with Pixies, Radiohead, and Hole, the songs on Life Cycle are more polished and sonically satisfying.

Commenting succinctly on this new body of work, Zakoor states:

Life Cycle is a collection of songs that probes into existence and what it means to be living on a planet that is indifferent towards our happiness.”

The world has changed a lot, but so have the circumstances in Zakoor frontman John Zakoor’s life. He left New York City when the pandemic began to overrun the city in March 2020, dropped out of The School of Visual Arts, and made his way south to the friendly musical confines of Austin, Texas. It was there where he connected with friend and drummer Bryan O’Flynn to gauge his interest in working together on new music. The answer was a definite yes, and writing and recording entirely virtually, Zakoor was born.


The unconventional method in which they were writing music proved to be a relief from the pressure of a recording studio. With a mastery of ’80s and ’90s pop, rock, and grunge, Life Cycle tries to make sense of this crazy world we live in while at the same time giving you something to groove to.

Life Cycle Track Listing:

1. Pinata Chin
2. Life Cycle
3. The Beauty Part
4. Severe Headache
5. May Separate If Frozen
6. Objects are Colorless
7. Chloe
8. On
9. Its Like You
10. Bloodline

Artwork for the album ‘Life Cycle’ by Zakoor