“Can’t See Us” is Rubygld Smoke’s anthem of empowerment and proving the naysayers wrong. Out on May 27, the single finds the group’s vocalists, Dani Jo Williams and T. L. Williams in an unapologetic state. The two bring grit in their vocals, ready to reclaim their power and prove their kick-ass nature that’s been refuted for too long. “‘Can’t See Us’ is a record talking about how we really feel when people try to put us in a box,” the band says.

Combining a confidence-boosting blend of pop and R&B, the two admit that the song was an opportunity for them to say what they’ve been wanting to for a long time. “We had conversations about how people think they know us and how often times, they try to play us small and are way off,” they explain. This sentiment is reflected clearly in the chorus, in which lead female vocalist, Dani Jo, sings with punchy melodic conviction, “You do a little, we do a lot. Thinking that we are seeing eye to eye, but you really can’t see us.”

In this way, the song carries an incredibly intentional feel, as if the protagonist in a movie just realized their full potential and is ready to yield it. It’s not a boastful track or one that means to put others down, instead it intends to lift the listener up and invite them to embrace their own badassery. Keep in mind, T.L. has one condition for listeners: “This record is not for playing small.” This track is about thinking big, working hard and proving you have something to show for it.

“We’re giving you something you can hop on your bike and ride out with,” he adds. With a driving, bass-heavy beat and an instrumentation which channels an air of victory, the track’s production is equally as brash and motivating as its lyrics. “Can’t See Us” is the second single off of Rubygld Smoke’s upcoming album No Filter. “There is a feeling when people try to be condescending or put you in a box. That’s something that we refuse to do, and we made sure the music has a serious and memorable undercurrent to it.”

Cover art for “Can’t See Us” by Rubygld Smoke

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