A quick listen to Faded, the new EP from ’80s-inspired dark-pop duo PBSM will find a wealth of influences from The White Lies and The Sound to The Whitest Boy Alive and Still Corners.

Wearing its influences clearly on its sleeve, the EP is a reminder to hold on to the myriad feelings of love and loving—the good just as much as the bad—and to reflect on and grow from them instead of letting them slip away and become Faded. Just as your scars and your photo albums both help tell the story of the good times and the bad times.

Taken from the EP, the duo have just released the video for the laid-back ballad, and opening track to the EP, “Dreams.” Check out the video here where PBSM has teamed up with pro-downhill skater Cole Trotta.

So, as we head into the hazy summer months, we can’t think of a better soundtrack to accompany you than that of the Faded EP and what better way to start than at the beginning with the wistful, laid-back sound of “Dreams”?

Artwork for ‘Faded’ by PBSM

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