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Premiere: Matthew Heller Reminisces on His “All I Ever Wanted” Single/Video

Singer-songwriter Matthew Heller debuts his new single and music video, “All I Ever Wanted,” which sees the musician at his reflective best.



If you were to compare Matthew Heller in his current state to how he was before the writing of his latest album, you may say that he is a new man. That’s because he’s changed so much, all for the better, since he began working on his latest record Maybe My Love Was Just Right. That album was released last summer, and since then, he has just been riding the wave of his renewed sense of purpose, as a musician and as an individual.

Today we help unveil the singer-songwriter’s brand new music video for his newest single “All I Ever Wanted.” Heller is at his reflective best on this new single. The inspiration for the song comes from an interesting personal experience, with a backstory that is shocking, amusing, outrageous, and incomparable, all in one.

Providing some insight into “All I Ever Wanted” and what moved him to write it, Heller explains:

“I was staying in a trailer park just under the Lighthouse of Glory, on the Washington side of the Columbia River right near Port of Chinook. This trailer park had Shaman, yogis, and all sorts of different and exotic people, and eventually I met a girl who offered me mushrooms. So we hung out for a while, and sometime during the middle of the trip, she started jumping on the bed, and saying super excitedly, that her and I should become train-robbers, like the wild west, and literally rob trains.

“She added that I could sing and play guitar, while she danced for people while robbing them at gun-point. She said, we could just hop trains up and down the coast. Then she asked me if I wanted to see her pistol, so I politely excused myself, and went back to where I was staying. But all night I kept thinking about, what if I were a singing train-robber?”


Heller has been at his creative best lately, with “All I Ever Wanted” following up the recent release of “Bad Idea” and “Rose From Above.” Maybe My Love Was Just Right was something of a cathartic release for Heller, as it marked a special artistic moment for him in his career when he learned to let go, of toxic relationships, anger, and certain self-imposed limitations. When he began working on the record, he was in between three difficult relationships that were abusive, dysfunctional, and unproductive.

Previous to this record, Heller felt the key to writing good music was to be hurt and heartbroken, but he proved himself wrong when he was able to move past all of those feelings and hang-ups. Maybe My Love Was Just Right is a dirty pop rock record that feels fresh, enthused, and excited. It’s that energy that is carrying Heller forward, towards what seems like the golden era of his songwriting career.

Artwork for the single “All I Ever Wanted” by Matthew Heller