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INEZONA Premieres Her Atmospheric “A Self-Portrait” Live Music Video

The breathtakingly talented multi-instrumentalist INEZONA debuts the live video for her instrumental piece “A Self-Portrait,” the title track to her upcoming album.



Who needs words anyway? You can do without them when you can navigate between musical spaces with as much style, originality, and finesse as INEZONA is capable of. The breathtakingly talented multi-instrumentalist is debuting the live video for her instrumental piece “A Self-Portrait,” the title track to her upcoming album (release date to be determined).

The video was recorded live from Kaserne Basel, a large performing arts theatre located in Basel, Switzerland. The recording is a cut from a live performance in 2020 when, for a brief time, venues were allowed to reopen after the initial pandemic lockdown. Appropriate for the times we were living in then, and continue to now, the artist performs in a beekeeper’s hat and veil, a statement of sorts on the plight of the bee species, which has dramatically declined in abundance over the last many years. Considering the global emphasis on “covering up” while out in public, it’s a fitting look.

Commenting on the live video, here’s what Ines Brodbeck has to say:

“‘A Self-Portrait’ is a very personal journey into my inner being, to my vulnerability, my strength and my freedom as an artist. Being able to immerse myself in and share my music with fellow musicians who are very close to my heart has been a gift. The perfect stage outfit for ‘A Self-Portrait’ was created in the same casual flow as the album and the associated videos. Fragile, mysterious, protected but with direct energy from the inside out to the audience.”

Formerly known as Inez,  “A Self-Portrait” was composed by INEZONA in the spring of 2020, when all on her own, she wrote, recorded, and mixed the track, injecting it with as much cinematic power as she could muster. It was a prolific period of songwriter for her, as she put together ten well-rounded tracks that you will soon discover on her forthcoming record. A true multi-instrumentalist, she can play the banjo-ukulele, ukulele, guitar, violin, and even kitchenware for percussion.

The approaching A Self-Portrait album curves very much towards the philosophical side. It’s atmospheric and elegant in its patient approach, never swaying from its efforts to create a certain beauty with sound. A true audio-visual presentation, she felt that each song on the record had to be accompanied by a visual interpretation. Each will include partially staged and filmed footage intermixed with film materials from the past, which INEZONA edited herself.

With such an engaging sphere of harmonies and musical perfection, you could say that INEZONA is comfortably operating right from her zone.

Artwork for the album ‘A Self-Portrait’ by INEZONA