Sad topics don’t always call for sad sounds. Just ask Flo Petite, a talented young artist who is getting back in the saddle with her brand new single, “When I Wake Up.” The song marks a comeback of sorts for the Washington, D.C.-based artist, who had been on a lengthy hiatus when it came to writing, recording, and releasing new music. There’s something just so endearing about her exquisite combination of bedroom pop, indie pop, and folk music, a sound that sounds current, but is also pleasing to more traditional indie and pop fans.

Commenting on how the song got her back in the songwriting game, Flo Petite shares:

“After not releasing music of my own for over two years, this song felt like the only option when I started thinking about getting the ball rolling again. While ‘When I Wake Up’ could definitely be related to a physical state, as I often refer to my dreams for inspiration, I also look to this song as a state of rebirth and realization for the future of me and my music.”

As an artist, Flo Petite makes music that is intended on getting you through the complicated and confusing world in which we live. She busted onto the scene in 2018 with her debut EP Soft Wrinkled Feelings, an entry into her spacious sonic landscape. As a live performer, she likes to bare it all, sitting with an acoustic guitar and using her spirit and voice to express herself, rather than any elaborate musical arrangement. Her music is intended to take you on a journey through the best parts of pop music, while inspiring you along the way.

Tour Dates:

5/23 – Columbus, OH (Cafe Bourbon Street)
5/25 – Indianapolis, IN (Healer)
5/26 – Grand Rapids, MI (The DAAC)
5/28 – Chicago, IL (The Garden)
5/29 – Madison, WI (Rigby)
5/30 – Iowa City, IA (Public Space One)
5/31 – Omaga, NE (TBD)
6/01 – Kansas City, MO (KC Hause)
6/03 – Cincinnati, OH (The Comet)
6/04 – Toledo, OH (Holland Haus)
6/05 – Cleveland, OH (Blk Punx Express)

Artwork for the single “When I Wake Up” by Flo Petite