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Dominique Premieres Her Lovely “Love-Ability” Music Video

Taken from her upcoming album, ‘The Instruction Manual,’ due May 27th via Perpetual Doom, singer-songwriter Dominique debuts her new “Love-Ability” music video.



Singer and songwriter Dominique has a lot of interesting thoughts and feelings going through her head, and she’d love to share them with you if you’re so inclined. The true embodiment of a “stream of consciousness” artist, the vocalist and visual artist is today sharing with you her new music video for “Love-Ability.”

The song is one of the featured tracks off of her brand new album The Instruction Manual, due on May 27th via Perpetual Doom. The video is the perfect complement to the song, with both coming together to form a true statement of unhinged artistic expression. When viewing the video and listening to the song, you really start to feel like Dominique is sharing something very intimate with you, and she’s not in any way holding back from expressing herself in just the way she is seeking to.

Discussing the song and how the video complements it, Dominique tells us:

“‘Love-Ability’ was a collaborative creation. I sent my good friend Dylan Marx a very rough demo of barely finished lyrics/mumblings along with a simple drum-beat from one of the presets on my Yamaha synth, and he in return sent back a wonderfully composed synth track with tons of layers and dynamic soundscapes, more than I could have hoped for.

“The song’s title and theme is a play on words, ‘Love-Ability.’ Most people think I’m referring to how lovable someone is, but I’m referring mostly to someone’s ability to love and receive love. The song puts easiness into question; how can certain things come so easy to others, and not me? Or vice versa. The video captures this in ways; you’ll see my friends reading, exercising, pampering themselves, all the while I am dancing, something I would say I am good at, but not in any technical sort of way.


“The song comments on distraction, the inability to focus or listen to myself or what I want, at least the main vocal riff does: ‘How can it be so easy for you?’ But if you listen closely in between, it’s sort of an empowering song about wisdom, clairvoyance and trusting your intuition.”

The Instruction Manual will feature nine new tracks that stay true to the mould of “Love-Ability,” deep thinking, artistic experimentation, and topnotch vocal abilities, which she honed growing up in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles. When she’s not working on her own music, she is the lead singer of the Los Angeles indie band Dayton Swim Club, who released their debut album Hangman last September, also through Perpetual Doom.

Dominique’s songs run a bevy of different emotions; some are playful, some are sensual, and some are absolutely heartbreaking. They are difficult to define or categorize, often starting as haunting folk songs, and then morphing into more experimental or indie pop numbers, with a heavy use of electronics. There’s so much to be impressed by with Dominique, a truly transcendent artist with so much more yet to offer.

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