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Greek Rockers Deaf Radio Premiere Their “Supersonic” New Music Video

Greek modern rockers, Deaf Radio premiere their music video for the recent single “Supersonic,” a song that the band has used to pay its respects to their hometown of Athens.



Greece has had a lot to offer the world over the course of human history. Democracy, philosophy, the Olympic Games, and now Deaf Radio. The modern rockers have reemerged with their latest music video for their recent single “Supersonic,” a song that the band has used to pay its respects to their hometown of Athens. There’s so much to love and praise about Athens as a city, not only for its historical worth but also for its unique aura and character, which any visitor or habitant of this historical town would know well about.

“Supersonic” is a noteworthy instance of Deaf Radio’s ability as a unit to conjure up high-level alternative rock, and it even comes with a music video worth watching, which can be quite rare in this day and age.

Elaborating on the song and what it represents, the band shares:

“With our new single ‘Supersonic,’ we paid tribute to our hometown Athens, Greece and especially its relentless nightlife. While composing it during the lockdown, we were dreaming of our comeback in the city’s sweatiest and darkest gig spaces. The accompanying video does exactly that: tells the story of a pair of young girls descending on bars and secret gigs under the city lights.”

Deaf Radio has been slowly gaining steam since its inception in 2015. They were widely applauded for their 2017 debut record Alarm, and its follow-up, 2019’s Modern Panic. As the COVID-19 pandemic grabbed hold of the globe, it also spoiled the band’s touring plans, but the quartet continued to remain as active as they could. Last year, they played Serbia’s Exist Festival, took part in the massive European industry showcase Eurosonic, and they also garnered a HEMI Music Award, beating out literally over 200 other bands.

Last summer, they released their “Model Society” single, which was significant for what it meant for the present and future of the band. The song marked a change of focus for them aesthetically, with a sound that combines both traditional guitar rock with a synth and post-disco sound. They’ve ridden that momentum forward and are now happy to be back in business with new music, and new live dates coming soon.

Artwork for the single “Supersonic” by Deaf Radio