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Track-by-Track: Dead Levee Pull Back the Curtain on Their ‘Rise Up’ EP

Dead Levee joins us for a quick track-by-track rundown of each song on their rocking new EP, ‘Rise Up.’



For rock n’ rollers Dead Levee, it’s an undeniable, undefinable loyalty to the music that keeps their unit going. Vintage with a candid, genuine approach to what they do, the band is making people take notice with their “Nothing Good Comes Easy” single, from the Rise Up EP, which was released last month via Deadly Levee Records.

The band has won a fan with producer Garth Richardson, who has worked with just about everyone, including Rage Against The Machine, Nickelback, and Rise Against. Richardson produced “Nothing Good Comes Easy” and has helped the quintet really hone that old-school sound they have been trying to pin down. It’s reminiscent of late-1960s and particularly 1970s hard rock that features big guitar solos, heart-stopping vocals, and bombastic energy. They have toured all across Canada with some names you may know of, like Chilliwack, Monster Truck, The Lazys, and The Wild!

With a package of three solid tracks, Rise Up is a quick and gratifying listen. Dead Levee joins us today for a quick track-by-track rundown of each song on the EP, elaborating on what these tracks mean to them.

1. “Nothing Good Comes Easy”

“This song went through two years of messing around with it before we finally had the hook, and realization hit us on Sunshine Coast BC., ‘Nothing Good Comes Easy.’ Going through the ups and downs is all part of the journey to where you are meant to be, stay focused, keep your chin up, and anything is possible. Since the release of ‘Nothing Good Comes Easy,’ it has been played on 94.9 The Rock (GTA), 104.9 The Wolf (Regina), and was featured on Sportsnet’s Hockey Night in Canada.”

2. “Best Intentions”

“Our more ‘intimate’ song is ‘Best Intentions.’ A ballad-esque rock song about putting your happiness first ahead of any relationship or toxic environment you may feel stuck in. This song has a story behind it that we felt most people can understand, the tribulations of a bad break-up. If you can’t love and appreciate yourself, it will be difficult to love and appreciate someone properly.”

3. “Rise Up”

“‘Rise Up’ is the title track and a fire-cracker rock song. A redemption fast-paced rock and roll song about overcoming adversities and pushing your way to your dream. This song has been played on 104.9 The Wolf (Regina), 94.9 The Rock (GTA) and has been added to Spotifty’s Ready To Rock Editorial Playlist. If you need a quick pick-me-up, put on ‘Rise Up’ and crank it to 11.”

Artwork for the EP ‘Rise Up’ by Dead Levee

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