Bury Tomorrow have teamed up with UK metal risers, Modern Error, to reimagine their recent single, “DEATH (Ever Colder)”.

Colliding the tried-and-true sound of UK metalcore, pioneered by Bury Tomorrow, with distinct electronic experimentalism from Modern Error. “DEATH (By Modern Error)”, delivers a unique and fresh sound for a band at the top of their game and shows a refreshing left turn for a band still pushing their sonic capabilities.

Speaking about the collaboration, Bury Tomorrow said:

We are stoked to have such a great opportunity to not only team up with the talented humans that are Modern Error but also to push the song into new sonic spaces, that bring to life all sorts of different aspects that might not have been first noticeable. Music is about pushing boundaries and we are excited for you all to hear and enjoy this new venture.

Modern Error added:

In an increasingly isolated world, collaboration is incredibly important. In this ‘scene’ especially, bands don’t seem to do it openly enough, it feels almost frowned upon. When Bury Tomorrow approached us we welcomed it with open arms, and we’re grateful to have had an opportunity to work together on something especially when it’s two bands you wouldn’t normally expect to work together in this context. We went into this pretty blind, and not quite how it would work. We wanted to celebrate the best aspects of each band under one solid unified track. Bury Tomorrow gave us free rein to work how we wanted. The visual element to this embodied the exact same approach. We hope this is a message to all bands that collaboration can be great, and shouldn’t be something you shy away from.

To accompany the release, a unique visual has been released alongside the reworked track that utilises artwork, symbolism and inspirations from both band’s artwork and visual works. Check it out here:

Artwork for ‘Death (by Modern Error)’ by Bury Tomorrow & Modern Error

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