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Bright Young People Premiere Their Incisive “Consequence Is Real” Music Video

North Welsh rockers Bright Young People have got a message for all of you overconfident types, with their brand new music video for “Consequence Is Real.”



What’s the saying? What goes around, comes around? You get what you deserve? However you want to put it, it’s widely agreed upon that karma can be a real bitch. North Welsh rockers Bright Young People have got a message for all of you overconfident types, with their brand new Lindsay Walker-directed music video for “Consequence Is Real.” Released last month, this song is a total jam; an anthemic crowd pleaser that everyone can easily relate to. You can almost hear a little Liam Gallagher of Oasis in lead singer Lee Dawson’s undeniable rock n’ roll swagger. He’s the type of frontman who has complete control of the stage when he performs like the crowd is wrapped around his little finger.

Recorded with producer Duncan Mills (Catfish & The Bottlemen, Florence & The Machine) at Narcissus Studios, “Consequence Is Real” is riff rock at its finest. Right from the get-go, you know you’re in for a good time, and then when the chorus kicks in, you know it’s time to rock the fuck out. Interestingly enough, the song originally featured more of a swamp rock sound, with a glam-style beat. Eventually, it morphed into a more straightforward barn burner, which the band is very thankful for in hindsight, given the extraordinary result.

Describing the song, Dawson tells us:

“‘Consequence Is Real’ is loosely based on that one friend or family member who consistently toes the line, with little to no concern for consequence. That one person who has fallen in shit and came out smelling of roses on numerous occasions. It was a relatively easy song to write once we got going as we both had a specific person in mind, not saying who though (laughs)! I reckon they’ll know who they are when they read this anyway.

“These are the kind of people you warn to slow down until your blue in the face but inevitably don’t listen and end up falling on their arse. ‘How does it feel, now consequence is real.’ We wrote and recorded the song first as a demo in my (Casey) caravan in the back garden before taking it to Narcissus Studios to record it properly with Duncan Mills.”

The release of “Consequence Is Real” comes at an exciting time for Bright Young People, as the song marks the second of eight planned singles to be released over the next year, with all due to be available on 7″ vinyl. The band has really started to take off recently, with BBC, BBC Wales, Radio X, and more throwing their support behind the quartet. What makes them relatable is the inner frustration stemming from growing up in a rundown town that they direct into their sound and lyrics. Their sound translates perfectly to live settings, which has made them a real live draw with a lot of experience to back it up.

“Consequence Is Real” and so are Bright Young People. We suggest you get to know them.

Tour Dates:

06/15 – Bristol – The Lanes
06/17 – Guildford – The Boileroom
06/19 – London – Old Blue Last
06/20 – Nottingham – Rough Trade
06/24 – Glasgow – McChuils
06/25 – Southampton – Heartbreakers
06/28 – Hull – The New Adelphi Club
07/01 – London – The Water Rats
07/02 – Chester – Telford’s Warehouse
07/03 – Liverpool – Jimmy’s

Artwork for the EP ‘Consequence Is Real’ by Bright Young People