Most almost forgot what year it was at Beartooth’s “The Below Tour: Part 2,” with special guests Silverstein and The Devil Wears Prada, came to town. Having spent many teenage and college years in the early 2000s watching both of these bands on stages at festivals and tours, I was excited to see not just one but both bands on the bill. I was also impressed at how many lyrics the crowd remembered.

I’d be lying though, if I didn’t say that I was most excited to see show openers, ERRA. A melodic and progressive metalcore band from Alabama. A friend introduced me to ERRA several years ago, in the pre-pandemic era, and I instantly fell in love with them. Thankfully, I walked in right as they began their set, and I was not disappointed. They moved around the stage with such ease and really owned it. It set the energy for the night that only escalated with each band leading to Beartooth.

Talk about showmanship. Beartooth took to the stage just after an AC/DC song finished. The house lights went down and a spotlight cast a shadow onto a curtain at the front of the stage. That shadow was in the shape of frontman Caleb Shomo with one fist in the air. After several beats – the curtain dropped, and confetti cannons fired. Once the confetti settled it revealed a beautiful LED screen acting as a stage backdrop behind Beartooth drummer, Connor Dennis. Medieval-style Beartooth banners framed both sides of the stage with a walkway that spanned the width of the stage. This was their second tour in support of their album, Below, hence the “Part 2” of the tour name. Below was their fourth album released Summer of ’21 and again in March ’22 with 20 extra tracks.

This tour wraps up on May 3rd, in Louisville, KY. Beartooth is on tour internationally for the rest of the year with the exception of KEMBA Live! in Columbus, OH August 6th, 2022, and Aftershock 2022 in Sacramento, CA on October 8th, 2022.

What Happens Next?

Silverstein will also be going international throughout the year with several festival dates including KEMBA Live! and When We Were Young 2022. While you wait for them to make it to your town, their newest album, Misery Made Me, is out May 6th, 2022. You can get a digital or physical copy of the album on their site or stream it.

As for The Devil Wears Prada – they will be joining Beartooth and Silverstein at the KEMBA Live! date before kicking off a string of international dates later this year in October. They most recently have released “Watchtower” – a single with a bonus track, “Sacrifice.”

ERRA on the other hand – the last opportunity to catch them will be at, you guessed it, KEMBA Live! in August. Their fifth album, ERRA is a self-titled release and has been available since early last year. In March of ’22, they released a deluxe version. This version added seven additional tracks to the album. With this release, they also announced a music video for their single, “Nigh to Silence.”

Beartooth (w/ Silverstein, TDWP, ERRA) @ Cure Insurance Arena (Trenton, NJ) on April 29, 2022