Fans of folk, indie-folk and/or alt-country should be keen to check out Chicago-based artist Justin Sconza and his recent single “How’d You Get There from Here,” taken from the recently-released album, Maps.

Commenting on the album, Sconza shares:

“I played and recorded everything on a little Tascam 8-track at home, in different rooms throughout the house. It was really important to me to keep the background sounds and atmosphere in the recordings because I wanted to remember the actual experience of recording. So that was like a journal in its own way. I’d been writing these songs for maybe ten years and finally decided to put lyrics to them. For the words, I wanted everything to be impressionistic images of experiences that stood out, even if they were just everyday things. I also consciously never use the word ‘I’ in the lyrics – I didn’t want it to be about me.”

He further expands on the records’ themes, noting:

“The themes are happiness, nostalgia, wanting more but not if it means losing what you’ve got, because right now is so special and great. It’s called Maps because that captures the idea of trying to get to different places and not always knowing the way. My influences are anything that’s songy – Hank Williams, The Beatles, etc. I learned how to play the pedal steel over the past two years and I finally got good enough to include it on the album. I absolutely love the pedal steel – it’s so expressive and different sounding. I’ve been getting into old school country and that combined with the sound of the pedal steel lent a country western flavor to the songs, which I’m totally cool with.”

Artwork for the album ‘Maps’ by Justin Sconza

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