Boston based singer-songwriter Miguel Samuel returns with an intimate, lo-fi indie-pop gem “Utah”, lifted from his debut 4-track Killers In Dior EP released on April 29, 2022. Co-produced by Anthony ’Saffs’ Saffery of Cornershop fame, the track sees Samuel seamlessly merge wry lyricism with guitar-led, electronic-influenced pop.

Following on from the recent single, “Forevermore” and “Killers In Dior”, Miguel says of the song:

I wrote “Utah” after meeting someone who’d been physically abused as a thirteen-year-old kid at a wilderness therapy program in Moab. I’d been through a similar program myself and had buried a lot of the memories. Writing the song was a way to revisit and reflect.

From Boston to the islands of Martha’s Vineyard and New York City, Miguel Samuel grew up steeped in music, old and new. His parents filled the home with classical music, and his mom serenaded young Miguel, singing folk songs and accompanying herself on a guitar. Dad loved classical but also 60s rock and roll, adding the Beatles and Beach Boys to the stew of Ravel, Bob Dylan, James Taylor, and Harry Belafonte. When you listen to the new songs he is presenting now you can hear those influences – all of them.

Having left New York City for Paris in January 2020 and immersing himself in the rich musical culture there, the pandemic started and Miguel found himself locked down in a foreign country. With plenty of time to explore his new music exposure, Miguel explains:

I was stuck inside and I thought, if they can blend styles like that, I can do it too

With over 30 songs written during lockdown, Samuel is ready to share with you his EP of songs begun during a pandemic lockdown starting with his powerful new single.

Artwork for ‘Killers in Dior’ by Miguel Samuel

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