The Rainbow Six Siege Update Y7S7.1 became available on 1st April – this relatively small file is designed to fix audio issues, problems with Team Deathmatch, and other glitches, to improve overall gameplay, and we discuss this in more detail below.

Audio Bugs

Sound effects are a vital component of a shoot-em-up game, helping players to navigate the virtual world and providing important clues; sound synchronization is absolutely vital: if this element is not right, it can severely impact the enjoyment of the gameplay as well as make it more difficult for players to make progress in the game.

There have been various issues with SFX in R6 Siege; specifically, there has been inconsistency in terms of the noise of enemy footsteps, making it difficult for players to determine where their foes are and to differentiate their presence from that of allies.

The patch update available for the game should resolve this issue, although players should be aware that they could still come across a similar audio glitch when using the drone to scout. Hopefully, this will be addressed in a future update.

Team Deathmatch Troubles

The newly introduced Team Deathmatch mode for R6 Siege has a few bugs, which is understandable given that it’s a new element in the game. There has been a problem with the sound effects being at varying volumes for different players on the same team, but the update should sort these audio issues out, too.

Other Updates to Rainbow Six Siege

As well as fixing the above audio glitches, the update will also add some additional elements to the gameplay and resolve other issues that have been reported.

– An error has been fixed, which sometimes made it difficult for players to re-pick an attacker after switching from drone.
– Issues with the Reverse Friendly Fire icon displaying at the incorrect time have been resolved.

Team Deathmatch:
– The update means that players can now aim down their sights.
– The promotional video now plays at the correct point in the gameplay.
– The first death is the only point at which player cards are visible.
– The respawn time has been fixed so that it ties in with the countdown.
– Victory dance glitches have been resolved.

– The Kibi Barriers used by Azami now destroy damaged barriers.
– The Black Mirror canister used by Mira is now breakable with a melee hit from the opaque side of the Mirror.
– Azami’s Kiba Barrier can now create small platforms that characters can stand on in several locations.
– Various operator issues have been fixed, including problems with collision, clipping destruction, and lighting.
– Several SFX and VFX problems with devices and operators have been resolved with the update.

The Technical Stuff

The update doesn’t have a particularly big footprint: for PS5 and Xbox consoles, the update weighs about 1.5 GB; the PS4 version is a little heavier, coming in at 2GB.

Steam players will only be required to download 1GB of information to enable all updates.

Addition of New Character

Updates aren’t always about just fixing glitches; a previous R6 Siege update introduced a brand new character into the game! Grinch was this brand new operator; he had a background in demolition as a Royal Engineer in the British Army, making him the perfect counteragent in hostage recovery operations. As with other operators in the game, players can choose between different locations as their starting point for a match.

About Rainbow Six Siege

This game is an exciting first-person shooter experience that is all about tactics, high stake combat, and thrilling team battles. Like the previous games in the series, players in R6 Siege are part of a special forces squad whose missions revolve around neutralizing terrorist threats.

The soldiers in the game have been designed based on real-world SAS and FBI SWAT personnel, and health regeneration and respawning is not something that R6 Siege has much time for, which loyal fans will appreciate.

The game is designed to be played online, but a single-player version can be accessed, in which players must work their way through several challenging situations solo. However, team play is the essence of the game, and squad members must co-operate effectively to tackle the missions they undertake.

It’s the multiplayer mode, though, that’s likely to generate the most interest; this feature allows your squad to take on another five-man team of human players over four rounds. Teams will alternate between attack and defence, and a tiebreak will determine the overall champions, if necessary.

Although the planning stage, which was incorporated in all of R6 Siege’s predecessors, is now no more, this game is addictive and challenging enough to satisfy old fans and engage new ones alike – in reviews; it’s frequently credited as being the most rigorous and realistic first-person shooter that’s on the market right now.

Upgrading Players’ Experience

The patch is a quick and easy fix to a number of issues that Ubisoft, the studio behind R6 Siege, hopes will improve the overall experience of those playing the game.