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Pyrite Sidewalk Premiere “Pictures Painted” from Their Punk Hub Live Session

Hyping the upcoming Manic Kat Records compilation, ‘Digital Pandemic,’ we’re premièring the live track “Pictures Painted” from Pyrite Sidewalk.



Compilation albums used to be the absolute bomb. Remember the MTV Unplugged compilations? Death Row Greatest Hits? Motown 1s for all you classic soul and R&B fans… Or how about Big Shiny Tunes for all Canadian alt-rockers of the ’90s and 2000s? Unfortunately, compilation albums don’t have the popularity or relevance they once did. Still, dope record labels like Manic Kat Records keep the spirit alive with drops like their newest compilation, Digital Pandemic – Let’s Not Do That Again. Arriving April 22nd, the album will feature twelve exclusive live tracks from Manic Kat bands, including this one we are unveiling today from Pyrite Sidewalk, titled “Pictures Painted.”

With 2020 and 2021 largely devoid of touring, Punk Hub Live offered Manic Kat Records artists a way of continuing to showcase themselves with live performances streamed directly to fans. While it wasn’t possible to actually get together in person, it helped maintain those important connections that artists form with their fans. Featured bands on Digital Pandemic – Let’s Not Do That Again include Neverlyn, i Am The Pilot, Right On, Kid, and Talia. To help pave the way for the compilation’s release, we are today unveiling Pyrite Sidewalk’s contribution to the record “Pictures Painted.”

Commenting on “Pictures Painted,” Peter James of Manc Kat Records says:

“Punk Hub Live was a means to keep our artists active and reaching their fans when touring wasn’t feasible.  It was only meant to be a short-term multi-stream solution, but after the response we got from it, we realized there was a need in the market for it. The comp is a culmination of great quarantine performances from all our artists. We wanted to showcase their amazing talents in the “live” setting of their homes.  We hope everyone enjoys it while we continue getting back to normalcy.”

From the Bay Area, Pyrite Sidewalk is an alternative post-hardcore quartet. Formed in 2011, the band takes after modern hardcore outfits such as Underoath and Silverstein. They have grown and matured a lot as musicians in that time, with their sound now more complex, specialized, and finetuned. The band is proud to be a part of this compilation and is widely regarded as one of Manic Kat’s most intense, reputable acts. In other words, a perfect example of why Manic Kat has continued to be one of the best, most well-respected punk rock labels in America for over a decade now.


Artwork for the album ‘Digital Pandemic – Let’s Not Do That Again’ by Various Artists