Alternative artist MNERVA, aka Matt Wagner, has shared his latest single, “Josh.” a touching tribute to his late friend of the same name. The hip-hop-based track differs from MNERVA’s usual alt-rock/metal sound and, according to a recent press release, honours the musician’s “close friend and former bandmate, Josh, who tragically lost his battle with depression in 2019.”

Speaking of how Josh pushed MNERVA to be a better musician, he states:

“In 2010, we formed ‘Remedy,’ a classic rock guitar trio and played together on and off for five years before I left for college. Josh was a brilliant blues guitarist and pushed me to become a better drummer while introducing me to songwriting. In a roundabout way, I have him to thank for MNERVA. When he passed away, I was unable to cry about his death for an entire year and used this song to finally work through my buried emotions.”

MNERVA further comments on how the song came about, sharing:

“I feel like I had been putting off writing this song for over a year and all of my emotions surrounding Josh’s death came pouring through all at once. I was in tears while writing the whole lyric and knew I stumbled onto something that, unfortunately, anyone can relate to when I finished the Chorus.”

If you are in emotional distress or suicidal crisis you are not alone. Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 to speak with a trained counsellor.

It’s free, confidential, and available 24/7.

Artwork for the single “Josh” by MNERVA


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