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Lauren Waller Premieres Her Passionate New Single “Nothing But Life”

Singer-songwriter Lauren Waller is thrilled to release her latest single, “Nothing But Life,” an engaging, dreamy new track with modern pop appeal.



It’s a celebration of life today, and you’re all invited. Singer-songwriter Lauren Waller is thrilled to release her latest single, “Nothing But Life,” an engaging, dreamy new track that has a modern pop appeal, but will also jive with more traditional fans of ’90s female pop.

The song spreads across the whole gamut of emotions, and it will leave you feeling wistful about love, loss, and life. It’s highly relatable because it speaks to all of us and the experiences that we all share as individuals encountering the same situations and challenges at the same ages. “Nothing But Life” is representative of that Lauren Waller sound that she has been defining since the release of her 2016 debut EP, Perhaps.

Describing her new single to us, Waller says:

“‘Nothing But Life’ is a dreamscape and reality all at the same time. The lyrics are full of light and love, but the production can evoke feelings of remorse, loneliness, and longing. To me, ‘Nothing But Life’ is the sound of growing up, discovering who you are and all the other complicated emotions that comes along with being human.”

Bridging the gap between 1980s new wave and modern electro-pop, Waller’s music is both intimate and electrifying, bringing the best of all pop music together under one roof. She followed up her debut EP with 2017’s No Names Here, an honest, raw collection of five songs that doesn’t mince any words or try to tilt any narrative towards a certain expectation. Since that EP release, Waller has been primarily focused on dropping singles, with a steady stream coming through 2018, 2019, and 2020. She returned earlier this year with the release of her track “Dopamine,” with more to come.

It’s time to feel good and celebrate the ups and downs because life is life, and it’s up to us to make it worthwhile.

Artwork for the single “Nothing But Life” by Lauren Waller